Announcements & Specials!

General Announcements

Dining Services is Continuing to Celebrate Earth Week on Thursday, April 24th with a Special Dinner at Each Dining Hall.

“Celebration of Spring”   The Best Of the Local and Sustainable                     PLEASE JOIN US!

Bulich Farms Mushroom Soup Hudson New York

Maggie’s Round Cheese Display with  Nitty Gritty Bakery Baguette

Equinox or Berlins Best Local Lettuce  Sheffield or Berlin NY

Backyard Tomato and Maple Brook Feta Salad

Ioka Farms Meat Loaf

Roasted Organic Tri Color Potato (trying to source through Black River will advise on farm shortly

Free Bird Chicken Sweet and Sour Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

Mighty Food Farms, Roasted Onions and  Kohlrabi

Winter Sun Farms Ginger Beets (Farm to be Provided)

Lundberg Jasmine Rice Organic and GMO free

(VT Fresh) Pasta Equinox Bitter Greens and Local Chorizo (VT Family Farms)

Hosta Hill Tempeh Rueben with Crimson Kraut

Side Hill Farm (New Ashford) Maple and Vanilla Yogurt Bar with Winter Sun Farm Blueberries

Dessert Nitty Gritty Foccacia Winter Hill Strawberry and Blueberry Topped with a Cricket Creek – Cream Cheese Drizzle

Highlawn  Farms Lee Ma. Vanilla and Coffee Ice Cream


 ’82 Grill

Eco Café





Grab ’n Go

Lee Snack Bar


Lee Late Night


Mission Park



Late Night at Whitmans’