Ordering Office Paper

WB Mason website

As of Monday March 7, 2011, WB Mason handles the ordering and delivery of copier and color paper throughout campus. This change impacts only the process by which paper is ordered and paid for. Daily deliveries will continue to be made to individual offices.

Williams encourages the use of 100% post consumer recycled content white copier paper, and 30% post consumer recycled content colored paper. The WB Mason website will direct you to these options.

  • If you already order through WB Mason:
    Your current account is active including your billing and purchase card information. No additional steps are required to begin ordering paper supplies.
  • If you routinely – and recently – ordered paper through Mail Services:
    You should receive a Welcome Email from WB Mason telling you that your account has been activated. Included in this Welcome Email is your log on ID (username@williams.edu) and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to verify that your shipping and billing information is accurate in the checkout.
  • If you did not receive a Welcome Email from WB Mason:
    The WB Mason Account Set-up page details what information is needed and how to set up a new account.

Purchase Cards

A Purchase Card (pcard) is required to order supplies through WB Mason. If you do not have a pcard, you may request one through the Controller’s Office: http://web.williams.edu/admin/controller/credit/pcard/


For service/delivery related questions, or assistance with setting up your account, contact Lorraine Pleva at WB Mason. Lorraine handles all customer service related inquires and is available easily by phone or email at Lorraine.Pleva@wbmason.com, or at 1-888-926-2766 ext. 1490.

For contract related questions, contact Tim Reisler at Timothy.J.Reisler@williams.edu.