Policies, Catering Services, and Room Reservation Information

Please expand the link below for further information and details about Williams College Catering Services.

  • Please contact Jeanette Kopczynski, Associate Director of Student Dining, at [email protected] to check availability of Dining Services and to arrange for your event.

    Student Groups/Organizations should contact OCL (Campus Life) for approval, funding, and assistance with your event prior to contacting Dining Services.

  • Please use the online Room Scheduler to request any space at the Faculty House for Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.*

    To do this, go to the Williams Room Scheduler Program.

    Please direct any questions regarding EMS Reservations to Mark Draper at 597-2052 or [email protected]

    For reservations AFTER 5pm or for Saturday/Sunday requests, please contact Kathy Musinski at 597-2122 or [email protected]

  • Please contact Kathy Musinski at 597-2122 or [email protected] to arrange for catering services.

  • Deadline for Finalizing Details

    Ten business days prior to your event, all event details and menu development must be finalized with Catering.  This will allow the staff sufficient time to make purchases and determine the necessary staffing arrangements.
    Please contact catering to discuss and finalize the details of your event.  Please have the following information available when you call:

    • the location, date and time of your event
    • an idea of how much you plan to spend on your event
    • the type of meal desired (buffet, served, reception or delivery)
    • an estimated guest count
    • a College account number to be charged

    Events that are not finalized within the two week timeframe will be subject to Dining Services' ability to provide the requested service in addition to a $25 minimum service fee.
    An event confirmation form will be sent to you outlining the details of the arrangements you have made. Please review this form carefully and call us immediately if you would like to make any changes

    Guarantee Policy

    • Dining Services requires that the actual number of expected guests be received 72 hours prior to the event. If we do not receive your guarantee by that time, you will be billed for 90% of the guaranteed number or the actual attendance figure.We staff and prepare for the guaranteed number plus 5%.
    • Cancellation without 72 hours notice will be subject to labor charges.
    • Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for 90% of the guaranteed figure.

    Minimum Notice Requirements *

    • 7 Business Days - Beverage service and simple snacks
    • 15 Business Days - Events requiring menu selection, such as luncheons & dinners
    • 45 Business Days - Large events requiring special menu planning & complex details or special licenses
    • College business takes precedence over social events. For this reason, confirmations for private events can not be given more than 6 months in advance

    * Requests made after the minimum time requirement may be subject to additional charges

    Fee Schedules

    Served Dinner
    Minimum charge: $250.00
    Minimum charge: $300.00
    Coffee breaks, food-to-go, etc.
    Minimum charge: $40.00
    Service after 7 p.m. & Weekends
    Subject to additional labor charges
    Private meeting space after 5 p.m.
    Subject to set-up and labor charges

    All luncheons, dinners, & buffet prices include full linen service. Requests for special or additional linen will be an extra charge.
    Events requiring rental china, glassware, etc. will be charged current rental fees.

    All social events will be charged the minimum fee in addition to charging for actual guests attending the event if they do not meet the minimum guarantees.

    Faculty House Room Rental *

    • Living Room:  $150.00
    • Main Dining Room: $150.00
    • Lounge: $100.00
    • Special set-up charge: $150.00

    * College business is not subject to rental charges 

    Events requiring special decor, flowers, and multi-media equipment are subject to additional charges. A deposit will be required for social events with full refunds given if cancellation occurs two months prior to the event.

    Menu Information

    Williams College is sensitive to the dietary needs of our customers. 
    Vegetarian and Vegan
     options are available upon request.
    Accommodations can be made for guests with food allergies.
    Children’s menus are available.

    In compliance with health regulations, leftover food remains the property of Williams College Dining Services and cannot be provided to guests following a catered event. No credit will be issued for leftover food or unused items.

    Billing Information

    Bills are payable within 30 days of the invoice.