Student Food Committee--2019-2020 Welcome Letter

September 16, 2019

Dear Member of the 2019-2020 Food Committee,

Welcome back!

I hope the beginning of the new semester has provided a fresh start filled with new faces, new experiences, and new ways to make an impact on the Williams campus. Being a Food Committee member is part of the impact you will make—your input throughout the year is invaluable in shaping the future of dining services at the college.

Last year’s Food Committee’s achievements consisted of:

  • ’82 Grill addition of brussels sprout pizza topping
  • ’82 Grill addition of specialty local soda, SweetWater
  • Driscoll TrainWise Program
  • Forward Food Experience training with recipes incorporated into cycle menus
  • Mission Salmon Fest
  • Inclusive Halal beef and chicken on service line at Mission and Driscoll
  • No Impact Meal
  • International Food Day
  • Recipes from Home
  • Mighty Mississippi Themed Dinner: Eat the Problem
  • Homemade salad dressings
  • Preservation Project: Applesauce, butternut squash
  • Winter Study Class: Senior Survival
  • Poke Bowl at Grab and Go
  • Mission Park expansion of Gluten Free and Vegan options
  • Throat Coat tea during cold and flu season
  • Avocado toast bar at Whitmans
  • Addition of Nutritional yeast at salad bars
  • Introduction of social media for advertisement at Whitmans, Driscoll, and Mission
  • Two-way tie for Student Food Committee choice award winners

As you can see, the work we do is integral to the Williams Dining experience for all members of the college community.

This year, our first meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24th, in the West Lounge at Mission Park.

Please see the attached page for the rest of this year’s meeting dates. Reminders will be sent by Sharon Marceau, [email protected] before each month’s meeting.

Take care, and looking forward to meeting you all soon!



Temesgen Araya, Director

2019-2020 Food Committee Meeting Dates and Locations (Please mark in your calendars!)

10/15               Paresky 220/Whitmans
11/5                 Lounge/Driscoll
12/3                 Dennett Room/Mission
1/7                   Paresky 220/Whitmans
2/4                   Lounge/Driscoll
3/3                   Dennett Room/Mission
4/7                   Paresky 220/Whitmans
5/5                   Lounge/Driscoll

Committee Members 2018-2019

Christian Lockwood ’20, Chair                     Temesgen Araya, Director
Adrienne Joe ’20                                              Gayle Donohue, Assistant Director for Student Dining
Benjamin Hearon ’20                                     Mark Thompson, Executive Chef
Katherine Melkonian ’21                                Sharon Marceau, Assistant to the Director/Sys. Coord.
Kyle Sung ’22                                                    Jerry Byers, Unit Manager, Retail Student Dining Jerry Byers,
Lisa Champagne, Unit Manager, Late Evening
Molly O’Brien, Unit Manager, Driscoll
Fred Ackley, First Cook, Whitmans’, Paresky
Charlotte Clark, Unit Manager
Bridget LaValley, First Cook, Mission Park
Chris Moresi, First Cook Driscoll
Mark LaBonte, Snack Bar Night Supervisor
Laurie Wiles, Snack Bar Day Supervisor

Ad Hoc Members:  Ellie Sherman’20, College Council Co-President, Carlos Cabrera-Lomeli ’20, College Council Co-President, Olivia Tse ’20, College Council Co-President, Mike Evans, Assistant Director, Zilkha Center, Allison Li, Zilkha Center Intern, Aaron Gordon, Administrative Director of Divisional Affairs, VP Campus Life