Student Food Committee Mission

College Council Student Dining Services Committee



We, the college council student dining services committee, are a student organization committed to acting as a liaison between dining services and the student body.  Our role is to faithfully represent the diverse food preferences within the student body, while at the same time honoring sustainable, nutritionally valuable, wholesome food as we craft menus and relationships with our purveyors.  We aim to connect students to their food, and to facilitate student ownership and thought over choices in the dining halls.

We are committed to being a proactive, dynamic group that approaches issues in the dining halls creatively, practically, and optimistically.  We will attend two meetings monthly: one with dining services, as well as one with only the student committee in order to organize an agenda for the meetings with dining services.  Additionally, the chairperson of the group will attend college council meetings to maintain a relationship with representatives of the student body.


Possible projects for the Student Dining Services Committee include:

  • Organizing student leadership in dining halls on Claiming Williams day or for other community-oriented meals
  • Developing lines of communication to the student body (through blogs, WSO, emails, Facebook, drop boxes, etc) to advertise developments in Dining Services or request feedback on projects
  • Share your favorite recipe day—perhaps separate from “Recipe from home day,” we could develop a “recipe exchange.”  One student per month could be chosen to teach a workshop to Dining Services, and a member of Dining Services could teach students their favorite recipe.


  • Chairperson: reports to student government meetings
  • One (or several) students responsible for communication between dining service events and student body
    • Eg: establishing a clear line of communication for events such as “recipes from home day” à on dining services side, when have events like this tell student committee in advance
    • Have one student responsible for organizing events where students participate in dining hall directly
      • Eg: recruiting for Claiming Williams Day participation
      • Designated student and/or dining service staff responsibility for communicating changes in dining Hall
        • Eg: “Did you know you can cut the line?!” signs at Driscoll, “BABY CARROTS IN THE FRIDGE!” sign at Grab and Go
        • Sustainable food representative in attendance (both Zilkha center sustainable food manager and also student member who can represent an interest group like the Real Food Challenge)