Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Minutes
December 10, 2019
Mission Park Dennett Room
Start:  6:06 p.m.
Adjourn:  6:49 p.m.
Minutes:  Sharon Marceau

Temesgen Araya                                                                     Christian Lockwood
Mark Thompson                                                                     Allison Li
Gayle Donohue                                                                       Ben Hearon
Sharon Marceau
Molly O’Brien
Charlotte Clark
Lisa Champagne

Christian L. – The meeting was started with a greeting.  Mention of a few agenda items but wanted to open up to general discussion.

Temesgen A. – Winter break dining guest counts are down.  Possibly closing one unit—however, reservations for rooms are booked—looking to future possibilities and pilot testing the closing with a campus survey.  During this time we serve between 8-10k less meals.

Christian L. – Good idea—as long as the After Dark menu would move from Lee to whitmans and not deleted.

Temesgen A. – Met with VP, Fred Puddester on the reconfiguration plan for Whitmans to help increase efficiency and flow.  Looking to make some minor changes with exit and entry.  Looking at a timeframe of 20 days for renovations.  Slated for next spring.

Christian L. – Was it just for exit?

Temesgen A. – for flow.  We are currently winding down for the holiday break.  Nice meal planned for 12/12.

Charlotte C. – We will be providing coffee and cocoa for finals.

Christian L. – perfect Segway into agenda item—stations that are set up for finals in the library is it for just 1 24-hour period?

Temesgen A. – offered only for final exams.

Gayle D. – it is provided as a courtesy.  We did a study and found that the second day the consumption was not there.  Helena W. agreed and we put out a robust supply for the first day and eliminated the second day based on data.

Christian L. – I know that the snacks and drinks at Schow is greatly appreciated.

Gayle D. – our Late Night is still open and has offerings.

Lisa C. – Friday and Saturday.

Gayle D. – We will re-group and provide more feedback on this current offering.

Christian L. – Temesgen and I attended a College Council meeting approximately a month ago—I have an email with a list of things discussed.  It’s a general list.  Discussed menu accuracy on-line vs. served in dining unit.  Run outs will be substituted

Ben H. – he’s found that it has improved.

Christian L. – No problem with the menu for nutritional seems accurate now.

Temesgen A. – We label outside the typical 8 allergens.

Christian L. – A full-time nutritionist will help.

Mark T. – Chef conversations have been happening to adjust amounts so the accuracy will be there.

Gayle D. – we currently forecast by volume and patronage and have found we need to adjust.  Numbers are way up.

Temesgen A. – Additional head count is significantly more than we have served and are making appropriate adjustments

Gayle D. – Allergen auditing has been done a weekly basis for accountability and accuracy.

Christian L. – Wraps has reported they are receiving much less food.  It is a good thing in a way that food is being utilized vs. waste.

Temesgen A. – we are looking at metrics with spikes campus wide and factoring in slower months and adjusting production.

Christian L. – Could we advertise more for meal service disruption—signage, etc. vs. email.

Gayle D. – it is advertised 100% on our website.  Students are perhaps relying on the app vs. our website.  Those notes can not be displayed on the app because of the way it pulls information currently.

Christian L. – Perhaps on the signs and daily messages a note can be displayed to see our website for current information.

Christian L. – Inquired about the meal swipes activation for summer.

Temesgen A. – has been presented to Finance.

Christian L. – Can the allergens be displayed besides the big 8?

Temesgen A. – we currently label well outside the 8 major allergens and the labeling system is consistent throughout campus.  We label gluten free with the same system as allergens.

Christian L. – The vegetarian options have been nice however could we offer more entrée options to be sure they are always available.  Also could reusable cups be provided outside water filters?

Christian L. – Ben do you have anything?

Ben H. – inquired if the guest swipe activation could be allowed earlier than after the change period for use of visiting guests and family?

Temesgen A. – we will explore the opportunity and provide feedback.

Gayle D. – We do provide vegetarian entrees however we have been focused on providing vegan as well.

Allison L. – could the labeling contain a section of contains meat?

Temesgen A. – The label systems runs through thousands of recipes and ingredients in CBORD—we can’t tackle now.  We are currently focusing on the technical aspect for labeling with nuts.  All will be revisited.

Ben H. – if you see something say something.

Gayle D. – we do have a suggestion box on line.

Temesgen A. – perhaps a qr code for feedback would be helpful.

Christian L. – perhaps a pop-up message occasionally on the monitors/displays

Christian L. – rumor has it that Eco Café will be turned into a digital café with scanning?

Temesgen A. – We were exploring the possibility of a micro market with food available.

Temesgen A. – looking at the micro market with no man power.  In the exploratory stages.  It would help to move people around to positions where needed.

Christian L. – have a concern.  Currently the vending in Schow area is not great—would the 24hour market have technical malfunctions as well.  It’s the only thing on that side of the street available and relied upon.

Temesgen A. – we would test it and pilot a program before fully implementing anything.  Again, only in exploratory stages.

Christian L. – inquired about the ’82 Grill and a liquor license to see if a possibility of reinstalling.

Temesgen A. – probably not.  There is currently a pub night offered every Thursday at Dodd House.

Christian L. – Thanked everyone for attending and for their feedback and wished everyone a great break.  Meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.

Next meeting to be held, Tuesday, January 7th, Paresky 220 at 6 p.m.