Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Meeting Notes
Mission Park
February 5, 2019
Start: 6:05 p.m. – Adjourned:  6:50 p.m.
Notes:  Sharon Marceau

Mark Thompson                                                                  Gabe Wexler
Fred Ackley                                                                           Ben Hearon
David Berger                                                                         Grace Chamberlain
Charlotte Clark                                                                     Christian Lockwood
Joey McClain
Molly O’Brien
Gayle Donohue
Jerry Byers
Lisa Champagne
Sharon Marceau

Gabe W. – Started the meeting with round table recognizing Molly with new TrainWise program.

Molly O. – Working with Carolyn Miles and Rob Livingstone and Michelle Juneau to meet caloric intake for athletes.  Menu will be served Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at lunch, and Monday Friday at dinner.  Michelle will table the kickoff event.

Michelle J. – Starting Phase 1 – Phase 2 with a pilot program at Driscoll showcasing TrainWise meals addressing portion size as well as healthy ingredients tailored to athletes.

Molly O. – Thursday will be a theme dinner for Berkshire Food Project and will be serving comfort food.

Charlotte C. – Mission has incorporated the homemade dressings into the salad bar and have four flavors.  Mission will be expanding its Forward Food station and include items featured during the Forward Food Experience held in January.  Also will be adding more vegan varietal foods.  Upcoming CASO dinner, Korean dinner, Moroccan dinner and the addition to more Halal to the main line.  Students have been utilizing these offerings.

Michelle J. – Met with Bilal, first cooks, and managers to review options and intention for Halal foods—incorporating steps to be inclusive for Halal experience.

Mark T. – asked for Forward Food Experience feedback.  Several items ran out during the tasting but will be adding recipes into the cycle.  Thanked Charlotte Clark and David Berger for hosting the event and making it successful.

Fred A. – Whitmans hosting a Valentine’s Day menu and a Black History night with authentic recipes.  Waffle group along with Whitmans’ will be hosting a Dino dinner at the end of the month with monster burgers and bubble waffles.  Fred also mentioned Halal items but Whitmans having limited space but will be modifying menus with more flavorings included in menus.

David B. – Mission has re-purposed the Halal case out front and will feature snack foods throughout the week such as nachos with fresh chips and other items like breadsticks, etc.

Sharon M. – brought a comment from Dining’s on-line suggestion box regarding the use of Nutella in units.  The suggestion box was receiving comments to bring back Nutella.

Fred A. – have been using in big tubs—will have to be included in nut zone and was concerned with the hidden MSG (vanillin) and was wondering if there was a healthy alternative.

Michelle J. – MSG is not the devil—all things in moderation.  We could possibly make our own.

Charlotte C. – Mission park has turned the Gluten free room into a nut zone so students can make a choice for nuts.

Gabe W. – any thoughts on the addition of Nutella?

Gayle D. – would have to be incorporated into our nut zones.

David B. – Almond butter is a better alternative

Lisa C. – It’s all about choices.  I think we need to offer and let students make the choice.

Joey M. –What could we do as a committee to attract more International students

Gabe W. – April is the time frame when students apply to committees—we could do a push at that time to certain groups on campus for members.

Charlotte C. – we should target a broader interest including all.

Christian L. – We could do a push for applications

Gayle D. – announced that the Forward Food Experience and Mighty Mississippi videos are up on our website.  Also news about Claiming Williams Day and Dining’s one year later panel discussion of Served and how we can continue community.  The Served video is also available on line.

Lisa C. – the ’82 Grill has incorporated a new topping:  Brussels sprouts along with the cauliflower crust pizza on the menu.  They will be trying different items and toppings each week.  Also will have a build your own burrito night with 15 different toppings including beef, chicken, refried beans.  You would place your order in Whitmans’ Late Night then go to the station and build your burrito.

Christian L. – likes the burrito idea

Ben H. – Is excited for the Moroccan dinner and then asked when guest swipes would become available for use.

Sharon M. – Guest swipes become active after the change week in both the fall and spring after students have a dedicated meal plan.

Fred A. – asked for any feedback on the Mississippi Silver Fin fishcakes—do the students like?

Mark T. – great cause Chef Phillipe is now incorporating fishcakes into Notre Dame and Yale and trying to promote in more Colleges and Williams helped pave the way.  Eat the Problem.  We will still try to promote by incorporating into the menu.

Fred A. – nice recipes within CBORD for the use of the cake.

Gayle D. – Announced the upcoming Winter Carnival as the “Great Barrier Eph”

David B. – we have utilized about 380 pounds of the silverfin cakes.

Mark T. – we will re-order from Phillipe.  He will be changing the recipe slightly with the addition of more seasoning.

Gayle D. – It would be nice if we could see if we could get a gluten free version and expand the offering.

Mark T. – Good idea, I will contact Phillipe and see if possible.

Gabe W. – then asked for any more comments/questions.  None noted.  The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.  Thank you all.

Next meeting to be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5th at Driscoll.