Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Meeting Notes
January 8, 2019
Start:  6:06 p.m. – Adjourned:  6:50 p.m.
Notes:  Sharon Marceau

Mark Thompson                                                                     Gabriel Wexler
Gayle Donohue                                                                       Ben Hearon
Sharon Marceau                                                                     Chris Young
Joey McClain                                                                          Nick Gardner
Charlotte Clark
Jerry Byers
Molly O’Brien
Lisa Champagne
Fred Ackley
Chris Moresi
David Berger
Michelle Juneau
Mike Evans

Gabe W. – Started the meeting with greeting everyone with a Happy New Year and asking if all had a nice break and asked for any big announcements.

Gayle D. – Commented on last month’s meeting and the nice retirement send off for Bob V who is now officially retired.

Gabe W. – welcomed Ben H. back from Morocco.

Ben H. – We should have a Moroccan theme night.

Gabe W. – then asked for a roundtable with comments/concerns.

Michelle J. – She is currently working on how to better serve students’ requirements for Halaal meals.  She is also working as an Intern here in Dining and will be doing a 4 day rotation through 3/21.

Mike E. – Projects for Real Ffood and Forward Food and culinary trainings as well as the national convention for Real Food and activism connecting with peers.

Nick G. – Inquired if a dining hall could include salad as a prepared main course with homemade dressings and accompaniments.  Something already plated like a Chef Salad or a Cobb Salad, etc.

Charlotte C. – Mission currently is serving homemade dressings and are available in Ranch and vinaigrette.

Mark T. – Just made 140 pounds of applesauce through the preservation project and the help of student volunteers with no added sugars or preservatives and will be available in Dining Halls.  Thursday they will be processing butternut squash as puree 250 pounds for soup for Claiming Williams.

Mike E. – Looking for student volunteers for Forward Food with recipes and involvement for 1/23.

Mark T. – Mission Park will be closed for Breakfast and Lunch for the training and there will be a tasting from 4-7 (sampling).

Mike E. – Is the menu set?

Mark T.—Yes current 17 items.  Planning on 300-350 for the sampling.

Chris M. – Will you be limiting?

Mark T. – First come first serve basis until we run out.

Charlotte C. – preparing a small recipe book of all recipes.

Mike E. – would be nice to include lessons learned and incorporate for going forward.

Joey M. – Please note that on Thursday, ’82 Grill, Whitmans, and Lee will be closing early for staff appreciation.

Joey M. – addressing Nick G.’s salad idea, commented that looking to incorporate into spring menus…standby, coming.

Fred A. – Working with students on the applesauce project and now working on Martin Luther King dinner.

Mike E. – has there been a history of students helping in Dining Halls?

Fred A. – Yes, with authenticity in recipes, e.g. the Recipes from Home project and even with student workers with real interest.  Currently a Winter Study Senior survival class on how to make a sandwich, etc.

David B. – we currently assess how things get in to menu cycles by trial and error to see how it goes over a period of time.  Student popularity driven.

Chris M. – currently working on the spring cycle menu and getting recipes into the system.  Will see new recipes in February.

Molly O’. – Working on the Athlete Training Wise program and creating a diet which involves 60 carbohydrates, 20 proteins and 15-20 fats will be featured at Driscoll with new menu items and labeled as athlete wise.

Gayle D. – this has been a collaboration with Carolyn Miles and will be discussing brining the program to other dining halls and branch out to all of student dining.

Gabe W. – how will it be presented?

Molly O’. – currently brainstorming maybe featured at the Marche station or incorporate on the Hot line—looking how to execute.

Jerry B. – label icon is made and ready to use.

Gayle D. – the spring menu cycles are being worked on. Appreciate student feedback once incorporated.  If you would like to see something specific, reach out to any manager, Chef Mark, or myself.

Nick G. – could ask for suggestions for spring cycle for comment cards or Twitter or Social Media as well.

Gayle D. – Staff Appreciation with help from Ellie Pier will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for each unit celebrated with music cupcakes, cards.  We will be closing operations to attend.

Charlotte C. – Noted a new item:  polenta pudding with bananas foster; mushroom street tacos—good recipes coming up on a 2 week cycle menu.  Has been stocking the cold and flu teas and watch out for sushiritos at Mission.

Jerry B. – Every Thursday through the Spring Poke bowls will be featured in Grab and Go with a meat protein and vegan with a miso soup.  Only available at Grab and Go on a first come first serve basis. (one per person).

Chris Y. – Working on the food preservation project with organic a apple sauce. Looking for volunteers and working with real food interns to understand current food data and then present it for a collaborative effort.

Fred A. – Chris, do you attend any off-campus meetings for Real Food?

Chris Y. – in touch with other colleges primarily in the pioneer valley.

Mark T. – Anim Steel the co-founder of real food is Williams ’94.

Mike E. – Looking to achieve a goal of Real Food of 20% in 2020 by the Real Food calculator results.

Gayle D. – a group is going to Amherst College to review sustainability purchasing and usage results.  Smith College is currently at 28%.

Joey M. – Perhaps future conferences could be hosted by Williams.

Gabe W. – A note of thanks from the students for the Cold and flu teas in the dining halls.  He then asked if there was anything else.  Nothing noted, the meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Next Meeting to be held at 6 p.m., on Tuesday, February 5th at Mission Park.