Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Meeting Notes
Mission Park, Dennett Room
May 7, 2019
Start:  6:04 p.m. – Adjourn 6:40 p.m.
Notes:  Sharon Marceau


Gayle Donohue                                                                       Gabe Wexler
Sharon Marceau                                                                     Grace Chamberlain
Mark Thompson                                                                     Nick Gardner
Fred Ackley                                                                             Christian Lockwood
Molly O’Brien                                                                          Ben Hearon
Charlotte Clark                                                                        Franny Dean
Michelle Juneau
Bridget LaValley
Jerry Byers
Lisa Champagne

Gabe W. – started the meeting with welcoming all—this is the last meeting of the year and wanted to thank everyone for his past three years.  They were very fulfilling.  News of the next Director hopefully has everyone feeling excited—asking for feedback on heading into next year and thoughts for next year—Gabe also welcomed Bridget to her first Food Committee meeting.  Also had contacted College Council of Food Committee members for next year with hopes to drawing a more diverse representation.

Gayle D. – proposed for next year the start of these meetings at 5 p.m.

Gabe W. – perhaps we can do a roundtable discussion.

Nick G. – Excited for Temesgen and his energy—appreciates his interaction between people and working with everyone for common goal.

Gayle D. – Thank everyone for wonderful insight and conversations, committee is still thriving—looking forward to new director—met wife and family—looking forward to a strong healthy work relationship.

Lisa C. – Grill will be introducing a specialty soda and will also apply as local—plan to add additional sauces to the pasta bowl option.

Jerry B. – Approved for a 20 hour additional FTE at mid-day meal at the Snack Bar.  Grab and Go will have an addition of a tapas bowl on Tuesdays.

Fred A. – Thank you to all the students for their great input.  Wish everyone well with exams and beyond.

Franny D. – Thank you to everyone.

Ben H. – Currently on the 14 meal plan but will increase to the 21 due to the increase in variety and options—noticing differences like homemade dressings, etc.

Christian L. – Thank you to the Committee.  Really good year—options have diversified-Driscoll’s TrainWise menu perhaps adding signage on what the TW options are up front.

Michelle J. – Thank you to the Committee—discussions were great and wish seniors the best.

Mark T. – Thank you to the Committee for a good year.  Looking forward to working with Temesgen—enjoyed his views on platform cooking and the future of Dining Services.  All Campus picnic is planned for 5/10. If inclement weather we will move into each dining hall—menu will be the same at all Dining Halls.  This Committee has done a great job—it’s the students who help make the change.  It’s been a privilege and I value your involvement.

Molly O. – Driscoll will be closing on 5/15 for renovations.  Will send pictures to seniors of new space.  Thank you to all for your service on the Committee.

Bridget L. – I don’t normally get to sit at this table, just hear trickle down and the effects it has on Dining Services and the student body.  Thank you to everyone for sharing and voicing ideas.

Charlotte C. – Mission will be having another Salmon fest—watch menus for next year.  Mission’s last dinner will be 5/15 as a last hoorah.  Fall will be revolutionary new menu never seen before…

Gayle D. – announced the results of the Student Food Committee Award for best dining hall.  It was a tie between Mission Park and Driscoll.  Congratulations to all.

Nick G. – had a suggestion to include more staff with different avenues and overlap to attend FC meetings.

Charlotte C. – rotating invites based on the agenda as who is to attend perhaps

Gayle D. – Could be done.

Grace C. – had lunch with one of the candidates from Middlebury College and they have a collaboration with students to help out on projects such as granola or different food events.

Nick G. – would be more effective if it were a scheduled project instead of a specific event.

Mark T. – the logistics at some locations may be difficult but could possible to work out of the Bake Shop as we have for certain collaborations.

Gayle D. – liked the idea of student produced foods like one item such as granola

Charlotte C. – in the past we have made jellies and jams.

Grace C. – great opportunity for students to take ownership

Charlotte C. – perhaps working a student station in the dining hall with items prepared by students.

Mark T. – Acknowledged the Seniors on the Committee:  Grace Chamberlain, Franny Dean, Nick Gardner, and Chair, Gabe Wexler for their service on the Food Committee.  He presented them with gifts and thanked them for making change and your mark on Williams and good luck in the future.

Gabe W. – asked for any further questions, comments, or feedback. None noted, final meeting of the year was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.