Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Minutes
November 5, 2019
Driscoll Lounge
Start:  6:04pm
Adjourn:  6:28pm
Minutes:  Sharon Marceau

Temesgen Araya                                                                     Christian Lockwood
Mark Thompson                                                                      Allison Li
Sharon Marceau
Molly O’Brien
Lisa Champagne
Charlotte Clark

Christian L. – Greeted everyone to start the meeting.  No specific agenda items-read comments from Kyle who was unable to attend:  students loved Food Day and the desserts are great lately.  Question everyone regarding a dining survey sent from Elijah Peters to see who participated or requested.

Temesgen A. – Not dining driven, seems like a random survey.

Christian L. – Announced Temesgen, Allison and he were to attend College Council Meeting tonight to give an update on Dining.

Temesgen A. – Asked to address Goodrich on Sunday for swipes, vegan and gluten free options and labeling.  Possibility of Dodd as dedicated gluten free facility.

Temesgen A. – Upcoming webinar on allergens and gluten free as 100% set apart from other dining units with a separate HVAC system.  Would be a big undertaking with training, equipment, food, themed menus with a purposeful program.

Christian L. – CC meetings are not very formal.

Christian L. – then asked for any updates or announcements.

Allison L. – perhaps we can give a debrief on Food Day.  Was wondering the costs compared to previous years.

Temesgen A. – We’ll look into it—survey results showed lots of squash usage—it’s what is available now.  The day was featuring and highlighting chicken and to see if we could sustain the addition in our budget—included items that only could be sustained in the budget.  Like the 8 pieces of chicken broken down for usage.

Allison L. – All feedback was positive.  Will more of the Food Recipes be incorporated more regularly into menus?

Temesgen A. – Season items will be served and incorporated until no longer available.

Mark T. – We still do have kale, butternut squash which will be served into December.  Those items are still available and can still be incorporated.

Christian L. – Students seem to be continuing to like the meatless Mondays.

Molly O. – Thank you.  We average anywhere around 350 on those days.  Last night we did 411 but counts still continue to be around there.

Christian L. – Seems to be a cult following for the Meatless Mondays

Allison L. – Do you think perhaps we could implement a meatless morning at one or more dining halls?  Remove sausage and bacon.

Temesgen A. – One meat would be relatively easy to do, however, we will look into it..

Christian L. – I’m not sure what students would feel about the removal of meal at breakfast, especially athletes, perhaps a Sunday brunch?

Charlotte C. – announced Mission Park now does freshly baked scones and muffins at brunch and continues with the freshly made cookies on Saturdays.

Charlotte C. – Looking to introduce a savory scone.

Christian L. – Whitmans’ mac and cheese continue at Late Night?

Lisa C. – the packets at dinner make it difficult for the staff to keep up.

Christian L. – inquired about the coffee/hot chocolate machine at Whitmans’?

Temesgen A. – needed the real estate for the ice machine.

Christian L. – That’s about everything I had—any other comments?  People seem to be happy over all.

Charlotte C. – Looking to do an International Fusion Dinner with dishes from all Language Departments.  Continue to introduce Little Leaf Farms lettuce at Mission Park and received many positive comment cards.

Mark T. – students really liked the lettuce at the Food Show.

Charlotte C. – It is considered local, Fort Devens MA.

Christian L. – Then asked for any other comments or questions.  None noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.

Next meeting to be held Tuesday, December 3rd, Mission Park at 6 p.m.