Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Minutes
October 15, 2019
Start:  6:05 p.m.
Adjourn:  6:52 p.m.
Minutes:  Sharon Marceau


Temesgen Araya                                                                     Christian Lockwood
Mark Thompson                                                                     Kyle Sung
Gayle Donohue                                                                       Ben Hearon
Sharon Marceau
Molly O’Brien
Lisa Champagne
Jerry Byers

Christian L. – Started meeting with roundtable introductions to new member Kyle then asked for any comments or events.

Temesgen A. – Announced upcoming October events, Latin X, Octoberfest, Real Food and various unit specific Halloween themed dinners.

Christian L. – Any other announcements?  I have two updates…students like the roasted root vegetables at the units.  Also inquired about the pizza buffet at the ’82 Grill if it was planned to continue?

Lisa C. – Numbers were low for the buffet and the prep and effort didn’t warrant to continue but can do it as a special every now and then.

Christian L. – Students were wondering about the responses to the Driscoll meal survey on dm?

Molly O. — Morgan sent results—great feedback, mainly like everything and suggested non-fat Greek yogurt be added.  Wanted information on favorite meal:  two years ago was coconut curry chicken but this year was the turkey dinner.

Temesgen A. – Who has been doing the media pictures for Driscoll?  Was interested on who assembles plates for photos?

Molly O’. – Morgan, Driscoll’s media student.  She does a great job.

Christian L. – Inquired about ice cream vs. gelato?  Has it been an all-around good decision?  Students seem to like all the options and appears successful.

Christian L. – The tea items outside of Whitmans’, is it permanent?

Jerry B. – No—temporary because of relocating Coke machines.

Christian L. – Students liked having it there for access.  Maybe something could be considered during mid-terms and finals with same set up.  Enjoyed the access.

Christian L. –Students really liked the mint frosted brownies—will this be in the bakery rotation

Mark T. – Color of frosting a little off, working on adjusting—not a regular item—will try to fit it back in the rotation.

Christian L. – Has the soft serve ice cream machine been out of service at Driscoll?

Molly O. – Yes, problem with the pasteurizer—since fixed.

Mark T. – Mission’s machine is also down and waiting on parts.

Temesgen A. – asked for feedback on efficiency with the machine vs. scoop?

Christian L. – Many students like the machines

Molly O. – students have been liking the sherbet options at Driscoll as an alternative for non-dairy.

Christian L. – is the chipotle mayo a staple at the sandwich station at Driscoll?

Molly O. – just featured it at a themed meal.

Temesgen A. – Reported that Mission counts have been down compared to last year by approximately 2,000 this year, but Whitmans’ is up about 9,000 trying to analyze driving factors.  Is it first year students or perhaps a change in menu and elimination of a second meat option?  Good lesson learned.  Feedback is essential—conservative approach with correction.

Christian L. – Members of College Council have noticed the change at Mission Park and were shocked because it was so popular last year—perhaps new menu?

Christian L. – I think that was my list of agenda items.  Anyone else?  Comments?

Temesgen A. – Looking for a one year outlook to current program and opportunity to rollout more consistent program for students and know total dollars for big events—will to continue to observe to see if certain things are still relevant.

Christian L. – Utilization is up.  Good job everyone.  Eating on campus is a good thing.

Temesgen A. – Whitmans lines and projections looking at how to assist with the flow in the Servery.  Looking to remove some real estate for bottlenecks—perhaps self-service food like the dining halls—relocate beverages to the end and have a turnstile on exit to help with flow—eliminate two-way flow at entrance will work.

Christian L. – I heard and it was presented at College Council—members brought it up there for help with possible funding.

Temesgen A. – Dining would appreciate financial support or support from students for help with lines and flow and ease.  Temesgen to send Christian schematics and current problem and resolution.

Ben H. – Are the increases in utilization or quantity of food eaten?

Temesgen A. – It’s meals served.  Numbers align with numbers of students.

Ben H. – Is there an issue with budget?

Temesgen A. –0 trying to analyze correct ration—Whitmans’ additional patron counts show students went through Whitmans’ for all three meals.

Christian L. – Is the utilization an increase in Meal Plans?  14 vs. 21? Or comparable subscriptions?

Temesgen A. – utilization numbers

Christian L. – Inquired about panini’s?  Whitmans’ turkey avocado Rueben replaced—will it be adding more panini in the future?

Lisa C. – ’82 Grill looking to add a chicken fajita.

Kyle S. – Have been dining at Driscoll more now vs. last year.  September lines have been leading outside.  Is it an increase or because of the renovation work done?

Temesgen A. – food production is there, lines are at the mercy of how fast the self-service goes.

Molly O. – the marche station is on the left and students have been going there to help buffer lines.

Christian L. – seems like same lines.

Ben H. – nicer weather might help with Mission numbers.

Temesgen A. – Looking at the efficiency with Whitmans and Lee After dark.  Open same hours—looking to only have Whitmans Late Night open vs. both areas—Whitmans is a more open space and will help with Lee lines.

Christian L. – love Lee After Dark and wish it was open even on Monday and Tuesday.  Would you offer same food through Whitmans Late Night?

Temesgen A. – not looking to change menu or offerings.  Hopes to incorporate into Whitmans and ’82 Grill.

Ben H. – Could use some space as retails for bars, yogurts, etc. to help with lines.

Temesgen A. – Not trying to comprise options—trying to utilize personnel.

Lisa C. – observed that this year ’82 Grill open until 1:30 on Saturday has helped with lines.

Christian L. – Asked if there were any other items or comments.  None noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m.

Next meeting will be held on November 5th at Driscoll.