Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Minutes
Start:  6:02 p.m.
Adjourn:  6:43 p.m.
Minutes:  Sharon Marceau

Fred Ackley                                                                            Christian Lockwood
Mark Thompson                                                                   Allison Li
Temesgen Araya                                                                   Ben Hearon
Gayle Donohue
Sharon Marceau
Chris Moresi
Molly O’Brien
Bridget LaValley
Charlotte Clark
Lisa Champagne
Jerry Byers

Christian L. – Started the meeting at 6:02 p.m. by welcoming everyone and introduction of new director, Temesgen Araya, then asked for introductions by roundtable.

Temesgen A. – Introduced Allison Li, Zilkha Center Intern and thanked her for her involvement in Food Day.  He was very excited to be here and 8 weeks in.  Has done meet and greet with dining staff and acclimated with the operations and the opening of the school year—looking forward to everyone’s observations and initiatives to better the dining experience.

Temesgen A. – announced the vacancy of the Whitmans’ manager role.

Christian L. – this is the first meeting and not a lot on the agenda.  Heard proposal to change the start time of the meetings to 5 p.m.

Gayle D. – Would be better for a 5 p.m. start time.

Christian L. – with students practicing for sports it is hard to change to the 5 p.m. time slot.  Perhaps could do a few meetings earlier.

Temesgen A. – without a specific agenda and besides the vacancy, currently working on budget, which will remain flat—College’s Strategic Planning and re-allocate towards initiatives or specialty events such as free-range chicken, Alaskan Salmon and how it will make a long range impact.

Charlotte C. – Announcements for Mission, 2 events: Nightmare before Christmas as the Halloween event:  LatinX celebration.  New at Mission Park:  Halal chicken, and Halal deli turkey meat.  Local lettuce from Little Leaf Farms.  Using local potatoes for home fries at breakfast.  Introduced chia seems on the salad bar.  Focusing on customer service by new ordering menu for breakfast made to order eggs:  made to order deli sandwiches.  Diner has the action station which includes:  bowls; carveries which they will assemble for you.  More vegetable protein options.  Continuing with the homemade granola, dressings, and crispy chick peas.  Would appreciate student feedback.

Christian L. – Is Little Leaf Greenhouse in Fort Devens considered local?

Christian L. – Food Crawl at Driscoll seemed successful, huge lines, fun night.  Seems like Driscoll counts are up especially at dinner.  Re-design is also nice.

Allison L. – Tofu Adobo bowl at Grab and Go is greatly appreciated.  Nice to have more options other than sandwiches.

Temesgen A. – Announced the gelato program has ended.  Unable to procure the base.  It has been discontinued.  Explored local product with High lawn Farm ice cream.  Machine was down for 6-8 months which the parts come from Italy and very hard to repair.

Mark T. – Bases come from Italy/France and have a carbon footprint.

Christian L. – True.  I enjoy the ice cream but was wondering what happened to Gelato.

Temesgen A. – Most logical replacement was to go with something local.

Christian L. – Will the ice cream be available at Whitmans’ Late Night?

Temesgen A. – Lee Snack Bar exclusive.

Christian L. – Committee membership applications were down this year so has affected participation.

Christian L. – then asked for other comments?

Allison L. – announced that 10/24 Real Food Day.

Mark T. – Allison’s lead has turned out a good menu

Fred A. – Announced Food Day with the vendors is 10/24 and 10/18 will be the Octoberfest menu.

Chris M. – there will be gluten free options at all dining halls.

Christian L. – has inquired about diary free ice cream on campus.

Chris M. – currently offer sherbets and rotate the flavor options

Jerry B. – High Lawn offers sherbet for a local option as well.

Christian L. – mentioned that students liked the Eggplant Parmesan but not sure where it was served.

Chris M. – Driscoll had on menu other day.

Ben H. – Asked if grapefruit could be offered as a hand fruit and not sliced. Also inquired about automated ordering for Lee Snack Bar?

Temesgen A. – something looking into but need to look at current staffing model.  Would be difficult with current menu and headcounts.

Christian L. – Everyone seems pleased with the addition of the new App for the dining menu.

Temesgen A. – was created by two seniors.  Expressed concern with updates and continuing the app with the senior turnover.

Christian L. – from what he understands it would be turned over to OSL.

Charlotte C. – In honor of ben and his trip to Morocco, Mission introduced Moroccan themed food into their lunch menu cycle.

Christian L. – asked for any other comments.  None noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:43 p.m.

Next Meeting Tuesday, October 15th at 6 p.m. in Paresky 220.