Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services Food Committee Meeting
April 12, 2016
Start: 6:05 p.m. – Adjourned:  6:55 p.m.


Robert Volpi                                        Max Harmon
Gayle Donohue                                   Laney Teaford
Mark Thompson                                  Jordan Fields
Sharon Marceau                                 Luke Baumann
Molly O’Brien                                      Michael Rubel
Joey McClain                                      Haley Lescinsky
Paul Franchini                                     Hank
Lisa Champagne
Jerry Byers
Chris Moresi


Bob V. – Started the meeting with roundtable introductions. We had four guests in attendance from College Council.

Bob V. – Asked the College Council members to go first in the agenda.

Michael R. –CC was attending our meeting to provide student feedback and reach out to the Food Committee and Dining about a few things and projects.

Haley L. – Is it possible to bring the draft root beer back in the ’82 Grill and also to have swipe readers on the snack vending outside of the Schow Library?

Sharon M. – New Leaf is the snack machine provider and it is possible to have a reader installed on the machine.

Lisa C. – Updated the students on the CO2 problem in the ’82 Grill with the root beer dispensing system. It was leaking causing staff to be ill and a potentially dangerous situation and was removed.

Michael R. – Idea of screens or kiosks available at all dining venues so students could provide feedback on the current menu so research can be done and as a result only the favorable meals be served.

Sharon M. – It may be possible to have an on-line form which would tie in to our current menu cycle through the web.

Bob V. – Michael if you reach out to my office and schedule appointment we can discuss in further detail. There are several things to be mindful of with our CBORD platform and Net Nutrition which drives the menu cycle and also produces very important allergen labeling.  We will establish a project committee.

Jerry B. – might be other options such as social media, twitter where feedback could be provided and then displayed real time on the monitors (Visix program).

Hank. – It could also be a way to get student feedback when testing new meals.

Joey M. – How many of you check the online app to look at menus and then determine where you will go to eat based on the menu?

Group Response. – Normally eat where convenient for class.

Gayle D. – DS is generating new excitement with the suggestion box on our home page. We have received many suggestions/comments.

Michael R. – I will reach out and schedule a time to meet and talk through ideas

Hank. – A few questions regarding LeanPath system that is being used to track waste in Dining Halls. Does it document what is leftover and portions recorded on what doesn’t get used.

Joey Mc. – Yes, yes, yes—we take leftovers and donate to the WRAPS program which takes out to the community, we weigh pre-consumer and post-consumer compost. When staff are recording they have a choice of donated, composted, waste, etc.  Very powerful program which brings awareness to lower post and pre consumer waste.  I am currently working with a group of students in conjunction with the Zilkha center and they would like to have a challenge of pre vs. post-consumer waste.

Mark T. – We only have post-consumer at Mission Park, however, such dining halls as Paresky our compost company is noticing a co-mingled waste from Paresky that is not able to be brought to farms and has to be sorted as garbage. Would be good to have program that would help the post-consumer at other locations.

Chris M. – We have other programs such as CBORD which helps us with our program forecasting. It documents how many students were fed and served and helps with production numbers for the next time it appears within the menu cycle and also helps with not over purchasing.

Michael R. – Offered help from CC for monitor information or advertisement to help with post waste for composting.

Members of CC. – Thank you for your time and letting sit in on your meeting.

Dining Group. – Thank you for coming.

Max H. – Further feedback on Halaal food. Students are not finding choices in Dining Halls or when placing on line orders.

Jerry B. – I did some research from the last meeting that mentioned the Halaal options at Grab and Go and the online ordering process. The last order received was December 16th.  Tested system to make sure orders were coming through properly.  Everything checked out okay.

Gayle D. – Perhaps you could have the student contact us so we can get specifics on the problem to be able to help.

Max H. – Happy to do that and put the student in touch with Gayle and Mark.

Chris M. – Driscoll has Halaal meals available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Marche station for dinner and available upon request at lunch.

Mark T. – Whitmans has Halaal meals available on Sunday and Mission Park on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Joey M. – It’s important students don’t lose their confidence with the system available.

Jordan F. – Since our meeting with Steve Klass on industrial beef, I was wondering where Dining Services is in the conversation and what we need from students. I know this is a super busy time for DS, but just wanted to check on any progress.

Bob V. – Mark and I met last Tuesday to review menu and build replacement list. I have notes in my office on the board.  Mark was charged to build the replacement list of approximately 20 items and have our nutritional, Sheliah look at it to see if they would be viable options for protein and plan to implement in the fall.

Mark T. – I have established a list with Chris M at Driscoll and provided replacement items with the exception of Korean Beef and have incorporated 20 different vegetarian items which now needs to be reviewed with Sheilah—a lot of product will be required to replace beef.

Max H. – Happy to see that things are moving behind the scenes.

Mark T. – will rely on certain members of the team, such as Molly O. to help with some great recipe options that will be incorporated gradually so they won’t be offensive to others.

Laney T. – Had a suggestion in Driscoll to request for a panini press for quesadillas to try

Molly O. – has a problem with the burning or melting of cheese which sets off the smoke alarms. Students tend to do things like put cheese through the toaster but would be willing to try the panini press idea at Driscoll.

Laney T. – noted that many athletes on the cross country team have iron deficiencies and the coach has asked them to add more beef into their diet to help. Would it be possible to provide roast beef in the deli bar at Driscoll?

Chris M. – If roast beef is not already available on the deli bar it can be provided per request

Bob V. – Asked Max if he knew the anticipated student turn out for the Trustee event on Friday for the Faculty House reception?

Max H. – You should probably expect around 300.

Bob V. – Noted the increased student numbers for meals at Driscoll dining hall

Jordan F. – Why do you think why that may be?

Bob V. – possibly the building shape and providing a home like feel and the athletes have returned to Driscoll with the opening of the field after renovations

Mark T. – Driscoll has a strong culinary team and keep the menu fresh.

Jordan F. – Good job to Driscoll, keep up the good work.

Molly O’. – staff love it!!

Jordan F. – Thank you everyone for your time.

Group. – Thank you.

Bob V. – asked for any more questions or comments. None noted and the meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Next meeting to take place May 3, 2016 at 6 p.m. in Pareksy 210.