Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services Student Food Committee Meeting
December 6, 2016
Mission Park Dining Hall
Start:  6:10 p.m.–Adjourned:  6:55 p.m.
Sharon Marceau Minutes


Mark Thompson                                                                     Gabe Wexler
Sharon Marceau                                                                    Nick Gardner
Molly O’Brien                                                                          Daisy Banta
Paul Franchini                                                                        Jordan Fields
Joey McClain
Lisa Champagne
David Berger
Chris Moresi

Mark T. – Mark opened the meeting for the Director, Bob V.  Bob was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.  Mark started off with the vegan fest plans for Thursday at Whitmans.  Nice vegan menu planned.  All chefs involved in prep and will lead cooks for the event.

David B. – Mentioned finals snacks will be at Schow and Library and now Mission Park Lounge on Friday/Saturday this week and Friday/Saturday of next.

Lisa C. – If we could get student feedback on this weekend vs. Wednesday through Saturday of finals weeks for the snacks.

Joey Mc. – Update on the LeanPath scale.  Soft test bringing current system full circle—data analyzed with additional scale taking average of all waste vs. overall pounds.  Looking at an average per person rate and then visualize on plate.  Currently approximately .7 oz. and how that impacts the big number and working towards goals.  Looking to roll out in spring.

Jordan F. – Looking to help with compost education during the first week of Winter study in each dining location.  Student response to a visual would be very impactful.

Paul F. – Deli update:  hot special—today Hot Turkey Bacon Swiss. – made 35 sandwiches and all sold out.  First special only 8 out of 35 sold, slowly built up and now complete sell out.  Want to keep concept simple.  Oatmeal bar is very successful at Whitmans’ and well received.

Mark T. – Very up scaled area. Looks very nice.

Daisy B. –A lot of positive student feedback.

Jordan F. – All things he has heard have been positive.

Molly O. – Driscoll update. – Great semester—menus well received—some equipment problems and working on spring menus.

Mark T. – Vegan Ad Hoc Committee will be working on reviewing spring menus with the team.

Gabe W. – will get student input and committee feedback on spring menus

Mark T. – Looking to use Red’s Seafood, sustainable seafood using under-utilized seafood.  Will all be about flavor profile

Jordan F. – question regarding tubs of jelly not being out any more.

Chris M. – Was switched out because of cross contamination

Mark T. – Then turned the meeting over to Gabe Wexler, Chair.

Gabe W. – Had several requests to see if we could establish a composting bin at Eco Café.

Paul F. – Jerry B. was not present at this meeting but would check with him about the possibility.

Daisy B. – requested the gluten free options menu on-line be updated to what is being offered in the freezers in the dining halls.  E.g. Annie’s Burritos have not been available in fridge.

David B. – often times it is a stocking issue and we will look into keeping an inventory and re-stocking dining locations as needed.

Mark T. – Chefs will work out this issue.

Jordan F. – has heard all positive things re: new menu items

Daisy B. – maybe a “dining” program educational session at the start of the school year for students to understand the gluten free program as well as other offerings from Dining e.g. Net Nutrition, etc.

Sharon M. – Our nutritionist is present during first days with a table in Baxter Hall helping students with their questions and concerns.

Nick G. – Maybe a better marketing on Dining offerings.

Joey Mc. – Update on cup project . – student project with paper cups not as readily available with signs that point to access.  Has noticed less paper cup consumption

Nick G. – Great results.  Maybe implemented in other dining halls to see reduction in paper goods.

Mark T. – Upcoming Holiday meal in all dining halls on Tuesday 12/13.  This year will be a combined Hanukkah and Christmas meal.  Hope all can attend.

Mark T. – asked if there were any other business/comments to report.  None noted so the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Mark T. – Everyone have a great break and a happy holiday and great New Year.

Next meeting, January 10th, 2017, Driscoll Lounge.