Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services
Student Food Committee Meeting
February 9, 2016
Start: 6:01 p.m. – Adjourned: 6:45 p.m.
Meeting Minutes: Sharon Marceau


Robert Volpi                                                                            Max Harmon
Sharon Marceau                                                                     Louisa
Mark Thompson                                                                      Laney Teaford
Fred Ackley                                                                             Jordan Fields
Joey McClain
Paul Franchini
Jerry Byers
Molly O’Brien

Bob V. – Started the meeting asking students for beginning comments/suggestions.

Joey M. – Noted we were currently in Winter Study sessions.

Max H. – Introduced Louisa who had an idea to share.

Louisa. – Had an idea that if Dining Services could include where food came from in our labeling system.  Perhaps to include where from, in particular the farm and distances, whether it is in season or not; knowledge—to perhaps understand the labeling system and data base involved and offer student help if need be.

Bob V. – Interesting idea. Meets with Mike Evans every other week.  The data base has a lot of moving parts—most of the labeling system is set up to include the 8 allergens and to report them accurately.

Bob V. – CBORD—pay to program for us. I’m sure there is a way to do it without technology—perhaps chalkboards; white boards.  Make mention on menu board, but gets very involved with ingredients to include, like butter in a sauce.

Louisa. – Perhaps we could concentrate on singular food items such as in the salad bar.

Bob V. – It would be good to strategize by starting with salads.

Max H. – Brent W had entered into the CBORD database categories Brent created for Real Food, could those categories be utilized for this labeling?

Bob V. – There are six attributes defined by the Zilkha Center—Williams Real Food which is identified by food within 150 miles or 250. Small scale independent farmer, organic or transitioning; cage free, pasture grass fed; labor and fair trade identified product as a farm should be identified by the Zilkha Center—perhaps with the help of Amy Johns and student involvement.

Louisa. – If we could define and identify local foods or where all of our foods come from, e.g. MA or CA and students could connect to a place

Joey M. – To include so much information on the label, would muddy the label and the important information such as allergens would be lost

Max H. – Could separate labeling be done for instance in lettuce in salad mix to include from the state of VT?

Jerry B. – FSS and labeling system are two separate systems. It isn’t as easy as it seems to identify and print with the BarTender system.

Joey M. – perhaps if the students designed some small card shaped labels, we could clip them on top of current labels.

Bob V. – We could pilot a place and item creating things that are important such as the post-consumer waste program at Mission that we currently are piloting.

Jordan F. – For instance, US Foods, our supplier, could they provide a list of items we purchase and list out state of origin?

Bob V. – They do for local farms but we buy lots of our products RTU which means they are washed, peeled, diced.

Jordan F. – could that be asked of our current vendor, could they process items from local farms for us?

Laney T. – Side comment on the labels attributing culture to a dish like Chinese Pizza and the labeling as vegetable vs cultural.

Jerry B. – Working with the Davis Center on names of items and are vetting our menus through them for wording and renaming if necessary.

Mark T. – we are meeting to take a step further

Bob V. – Dining is very fortunate to have the College’s resources available to us for guidance and help.

Fred A. – We buy local produce when we can but being in the Berkshires very hard to have local year round. When in season we support local farms.

Joey M. – maybe the label program could be launched during growing season and students could work with local farmers.

Fred A. – November/December swiss chard and Kale are still Available to us, however when you are serving 3x a day to the service population we have at all the dining halls.

Jordan F. – Inquired about the RFP and process to see if students could input.

Bob V. – members of the Food Committee will be involved in the process—whoever is selected from the Committee will be asked to do a presentation on campus which we will then invite members of the Food Committee to come and here their presentations as well as ask pertinent questions.

Jordan F. – Will begin preparing questions.

Sharon M. – Will send Jordan and the committee dates of the RFP process.

Bob V. – Students are also invited to accompany the committees on site visitations to the Vendors bidding.

Laney T. – reports good things from Claiming Williams cooking classes—could we do more of these programs during the year

Bob V. – we could put together a list of possible classes and make that happen.

Bob V. – Survey results are in from NACUFS. Most proud about our people with measure higher than the national average metric.

Jordan F. – In his opinion that is an accurate reflection.

Bob V. – Asked for any other questions or concerns. None noted.  He thanked the committee for their valuable input and the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Next meeting to take place on March 8 at Mission Park.