Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services Student Food Committee Meeting
January 10, 2017
Driscoll Dining Hall
Start:  6:00 p.m.–Adjourned:  6:36 p.m.
Sharon Marceau Minutes


Robert Volpi                                                                           Gabe Wexler
Gayle Donohue                                                                     Nick Gardner
Mark Thompson                                                                    Franny Dean
Sharon Marceau                                                                   Jordan Fields
Molly O’Brien                                                                        Michael Rubel
Paul Franchini                                                                       Nanase Shirokawa
Joey McClain
Lisa Champagne
Chris Moresi
Jerry Byers
Fred Ackley

Gabe W. – Gabe started off the meeting with a request for an update on the Food Group expansion from 2-5 p.m.?

Bob V. – Currently at senior level discussions, nothing to report at this time.

Gabe W. – Asked if winter break has been going well and asked if Managers, Chefs could speak to the plan for spring menus.

Molly O. – Working this week on spring menus and have been several phases. Incorporating new recipes, more vegan dishes there have been 100 new recipes put into our data base.  Student ad hoc committee will review all 4 weeks of the cycle menus.

Joey M. – Mission has 2 weeks of the cycle completed and working on the next 2 weeks.

Paul F. – Whitmans’ is incorporating dumplings and omelets

Mark T. – Asked Paul to speak about the Industrial Beef Reduction.

Paul F. – Whitmans took 50% off the menu but will continue with grass fed, local beef program.

Joey M. – Mission is upgrading to grass fed and offering other protein options

Gabe W. – Asked if it was possible to update the on-line menus to be real time (with any changes).

Jerry B. – Auto refresh of the system takes place at 2 a.m. and managers would need to incorporate any changes and then refresh total system and would need access for someone to update—menus are 95% accurate and reflect scheduled changes

Gayle D. – Are items not showing or are they running out?

Gabe W. – they were running out, specifically the holiday meal

Nick. – Perhaps a sign at the register if items run out during service.

Bob V. – We will do a better job of informing the checker when items are running out so they can communicate outages.

Mike R. – The new breakfast for dinner @ Paresky, is it a permanent change?

Paul F. – On going this year at twice a month.  Had a successful high count of students Whitmans plans on continuing through the spring.

Franny D. – If numbers show successful, maybe it was just a few voices.

Paul F. – We will continue to build on menu items to include more in the dinner for breakfast menu.

Nanase S. – Can we incorporate gluten-free toasters in the dining halls?

Paul F. – Update from the Dining FAAN meeting.  Just brought up today and possibly where cross contact is occurring to install in each unit.

Joey M. – Mission has a gluten-free toaster in the peanut-free zone.

Nanase S. – asked if when serving pork with a sauce, if sauce could be made available as a side instead of on the meat.  Especially with soy sauce

Mark T. – currently using a Myron’s product which is gluten free and local, all labels should indicate contents.

Mark T. – should be available at condiment stations in small bottles at the units.

Franny D. – inquired if at Grab and Go the chips could be swapped out for a pasta or quinoa salad?

Jerry B. – currently working on spring menus and can certainly include as an option

Bob V. – currently looked at menus at Lee for healthy side options when opting out of chips.

Gayle D. – items like power slaw?

Jordan F. – Provided an update on compost initiative last week with student instruction at compost stations to help clean up compost—another week at the beginning of the semester startup.

Gabe W. – Has a compost site been established at Eco Café?

Gayle D. – Currently in the works, next meeting of the Waste & Recycling group will be next Wednesday.  Currently looking for students to serve on the committee to help with how to implement the program.

Bob V. – Informed the group of the dance project with Allison Orr and the Forklift Group that includes dining staff with choreography and will be debuted at Claiming Williams next year.  Very exciting

Jordan F. – Will staff be traveling?

Joey M. – shared with the group the previous efforts of Allison O.’s group, Trash Dance and our version will be a take on that for dining.

Jordan F. – Did the students initiate?

Bob V. – No, Randy Fippinger from the CTD and Steve Klass.  Bob then provided a quick update on the recent vendor audits taking place at Ginsberg and SYSCO and looking at warehouse, sustainability, and pricing.  Mike Evans and a team will be traveling out to each location.

Jordan F. – Great, keep us updated.  How does the contract with primary and secondary work with Ginsberg and SYSCO and ordering.

Bob V. – an 80/20 strategic imperative is used and a good way to keep checks and balances on best product and best price

Gabe W. – Could Meatless Mondays focus on fewer carbs and cheesy things and more vegetables and green items?

Molly O. – They provide carbs which is suggested and required of the athletes—new menus this spring with new vegan recipes will be incorporated from the vegan fest.

Mike R. – commented on the hot desserts at Paresky were a hit.

Lisa C.  – Vegan specials are being offered at Late night, portabella burger.

Gabe W. – Then asked for further questions or anything else to report.  None noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:36 p.m.

Next Meeting to take place on Tuesday, February 7th at 6 p.m. in Paresky 220.