Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services Student Food Committee Meeting
March 7, 2017
Mission Park Dining Hall
Start:  6:00pm—Adjourned:  6:20 p.m.
Sharon Marceau Minutes


Robert Volpi                                                                Gabe Wexler
Sharon Marceau                                                         Franny Dean
Fred Ackley
Joey McClain
David Berger
Gayle Donohue
Molly O’Brien
Chris Moresi
Mark Thompson
Jerry Byers

Gabe W. – Gabe started off the meeting by announcing it was the first meeting of the semester.  January’s meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.  Personally things going well—new dishes and combos seem to be good with students.

Franny D. – Positive feedback as well—like Mission salmon introduced to the menu cycle and Grab and Go’s addition of grain salads, but students not sure on what part of the meal it was replacing, chips, etc. students seemed to like lots of fresh fruit options.

Gabe W. – inquired about the Fair Trade Banana program.

Mark T. – the program has had trouble with OK bananas being out of stock.  And has caused an inconsistency with the program.  Coming in very green.  Usage is at roughly 45,000 pounds campus wide.  We do not have the capability to store or have ripening rooms.  This would cause fruit fly problems in warmer months if stored for ripening.

David B. – only supply is Black River for ripe only vs. green—none available so need to buy conventional for ripeness.  Even tried the petite bananas when available

Gabe W. – Understood, sounds like you are doing the best you can do

David B. – also a pricing problem at 1.5 times cost

Mark T. – OK in Boston for fair trade.  Don’t know how else to approach?

Gabe W. – Inquired about goat cheese at ’82 Grill if it will return.

Lisa C. – planned for April at 1 day/week to offer goat cheese topping.

Gabe W. – Is it a cost thing?

Lisa C. – Mostly yes, if we offer 1 to 2 times a week would it be sufficient.

Lisa C. — also reported on the new pasta bowl at the ’82 grill doing quite well.

Molly O’. – Asked if there was any feedback about the themed dinners?

Franny D. – Liked the Winter Carnival Pokémon theme

Gabe W. – heard positive things about the Butter Dinner

Joey M. – asked for all to view the samples on the tables of the info grams he created as a test for the LeanPath program.  Does it tell the story quick and thorough?

Gabe W. – Very eye catching

Gayle D. – asked if Joey did it himself?

Joey M. – shared that he uses an easy website tool that is quite useful

Bob V. – Gave a quick update on the Driscoll Building Renovation—currently doing a construction study and met with Bergmeyer on the utilization study on the number of meals being served and seating, traffic flow, kitchen storage and code compliance.

Molly O’. – Bergmeyer came to Driscoll on Thursday and will be back on 3/15 to meet.  Driscoll is very excited for this change.

Mark T. – Asked if anyone has tried the miso bar at Driscoll with toppings?

Molly O’.—Seems to be catching on

Gabe W. – Asked how the recipe naming menu committee was doing on the items that were identified.

Gayle D. – asked to table that question for the next meeting when she would have more information on the topic.

Mark T. – Recipes From Home contest is slated for 4/27 in the Dining Halls.  Chef teams are testing recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and winners of the categories will receive points to their card.

Gabe W. – asked if there were any more announcements or anything further to report and acknowledged we were all busy.  None noted so the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Next meeting to take place Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at Driscoll Dining Hall