Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Dining Services Student Food Committee Meeting
May 3, 2016
Start: 6:00p.m. – Adjourned: 6:45 p.m.
Meeting Notes: Sharon Marceau


Bob Volpi                                           Max Harmon
Mark Thompson                                Alison Hill
Gayle Donohue
Sharon Marceau
Paul Franchini
Joey McClain
Jerry Byers
Molly O’Brien
Lisa Champagne
Chris Moresi

Bob V. – Update on upcoming events

Gayle D. – Cinco deMayo, JA Brunch

Bob V. – Working on RFP for our primary and secondary vendors. Presentations by the vendors.  Seem this time a better understanding about sustainability and our six points.  All vendors did a good job on their responses and number of forms utilized.  One company associated with Pioneer Valley and two others with NY State and Vermont farmers

Bob V. – Snack vending RFP will be mailed out the end of May.

Joey Mc. – Asked who the Food Committee members will be next year and if anyone was returning.

Max H. – New members and Max will not be around in the fall.

Ali H. – Haley on CC and might be the chair in the fall.

Max. – Is summer a time when new menu items are developed and tried out?

Bob V. – Will be working on Industrial Beef and identifying and coming off menu for the fall. Struggling is fish.  Trying to get a good understanding and help fisher with all Marine Safe Certified – farm raised salmon—feeding salmon.  Anyone attend the lecture with Paul Greenberg?

Mark T. – Trying to utilize less popular fish is challenging to the student’s palette and hard to introduce (such as blue fish). We are not processing whole fish but looking into options such as Alaskan Black Cod which is Atlantic hook and line

Max H. – Happy to hear we know and are looking at all of these things and it is appreciated.

Mark T. – We still have challenges such as cost point and try to guide menu in a different way.

Bob V. – Looking into plant based options on the menu and get study of what that means as to percentages and buy something at lower cost but local.

Mark T. – such as the meals on Earth Day, a beef eater could make a meal with what was provided.

Gayle D. – Steadily increase program from voice of students—done what we can and tweak it going forward.

Bob V. – Dining has initiated the return of the Bring it Back Campaign for the return of service ware.

Jerry B. – This year, Whitmans lost 1200 plates; 1600 to go containers and 1,000 cups and 500 pieces of silverware and 400 trays for the last two weeks of service had to serve on paper. If students could be made aware of the impact on not returning items by poster or could recommend another type of campaign that would help?  Perhaps part of JA training for first days?

Bob V. – Just replenished and bought enough service ware for fall start up.

Jerry B. – Help spread the word—Bring It Back! Where do 1200 plates go?

Alison H. – Possibly the Trash?

Jerry B.- We have 49 collections bins placed around campus—there has been a steady decrease, but should encourage and spread word to return

Max H. – It is a much bigger cultural problem.

Jerry B. – Perhaps educate in First Days to spread the word and develop a culture

Alison H. – Social—if it is out there that it is not socially okay and seen as negative, we could see turn around.

Jerry B. – It would be helpful to include how to compost to see if that would develop a change in student culture over 4 years.

Max H. – We can broadcast 1200 missing plates and bring it up at College Council for their help.

Bob V. – There is a company that has like a vending system with bar codes on plates to track. Possible route

Mark T. – Other institutions have tokens, no token there would be a $5 charge.

Alison H. – Could ask other sister institutions what they do to combat missing service ware.

Chris M. – Umass Amherst uses all disposable—do not see Williams Dining doing that.

Bob V. – Recognized Alison on her graduation and asked for any more concerns. None noted so the meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Student voted dining hall of the year was Driscoll. Next meetings to re-convene in the fall on September 20 at 6:00 p.m. in the Dennett Room at Mission Park.

Great Year everyone!!