Student Food Committee Members


Gabriel Wexler ’19, Chair                               Robert Volpi, Director

Grace Chamberlain ‘19                                  Gayle Donohue, Assistant Director for Student Dining

Frances Dean ‘19                                            Mark Thompson, Executive Chef

Nick Gardner ‘19                                             Sharon Marceau, Assistant to the Director/Sys. Coord.

Olivia Goodheart ‘19                                       Jerry Byers, Unit Manager, Retail Student Dining Jerry Byers,

Astrid DuBois ‘20                                            Lisa Champagne, Unit Manager, Late Evening

Christian Lockwood ‘20                                Joey McClain, Unit Manager, Mission Park

Adrienne Joe ‘20                                             Molly O’Brien, Unit Manager, Driscoll

Benjamin Hearon ‘20                                     Fred Ackley, First Cook, Whitmans’, Paresky

Phoebe Bloom ‘20                                          David Berger, First Cook, Mission Park

Ben Lebowitz ‘20                                            Chris Moresi, First Cook Driscoll

Mark LaBonte, Snack Bar Night Supervisor

Laurie Wiles, Snack Bar Day Supervisor