Student Food Committee Meting Notes

Dining Services Student Food Committee Meeting
September 20, 2016
Start: 6:00p.m. – Adjourned: 6:45 p.m.
Meeting Notes: Sharon Marceau



Sharon Marceau                     Gabe Wexler
Gayle Donohue                       Maria Magidenko
Joey McClain                          Franny Dean
Paul Franchini                         Nanase Shiroka
Jerry Byers                              Michael Rubel
David Berger                          Jordan Fields
Chris Moresi                            Nick Gardner
Molly O’Brien
Lisa Champagne
Mark Thompson


Gayle D. –Gayle welcomed the members of the Student Food Committee and asked for introductions around the table and explained Bob Volpi, the director was not able to be at this first meeting and she was stepping in.

Gayle D. – Gave an update of the RFP process and announced new food vendors: Ginsberg as primary; SYSCO as secondary.

Gayle D. – Gave an update on the Industrial Beef Reduction Program. Mark Thompson confirmed changes have been implemented on the fall menus

Jordan F. – Noted the reduction has gone un noted. Feedback has been positive—Dartmouth Dining has followed Williams lead on the reduction

Michael R. – Echo comments still have flank steak and beef for tacos with the signature dishes remaining on the menu is important.

Mark T. – All dining hall are showing significant reductions in pounds ordered and replaced with all natural beef in casserole dishes.

David B. – You will see beef four or five times a week at different dining halls—still there

Mark T. – More vegan items—grateful burger—plant protein. Good lunch options through our vendors and local farms for purchases between $45-48k to local.

Paul F. – Melon season and utilize Dave’s Melons

Mark T. – Moses farm in Eagle Bridge NY utilized to help use utilized cuts of beef—Climate change meal was a great menu and to stay on course with the Williams initiative.

Jordan F. – Themed meal for Williams Reads program

Mark T. – Menus pretty set.

Jordan F. – Expressed thanks to Mark and Dining for the initiative and collaborative effort for the analysis and implementation of industrial beef reduction.

Gayle D. – Williams sets a standard others want to emulate

Gayle D. – Noted the new committee on Menu Diversity—objective to review names and ingredients and rename for authenticity—recipe names that are offense like “Asian Coleslaw”

Gayle D. –Asked committee members for any student feedback on dining program or menu.

Jordan F. – students very excited about the new juice and flavored waters

Maria M. – Also the late machines are a big hit

Nanase S. – the new Joya sodas at the ’82 grill are popular

Nick G. – generally impressed with rice and bean options every night

Jordan F. – noticed new veggie items—Veggie burrito big fans at Driscoll—what happened to the crunchy or natural peanut butter

Chris M. – switching purveyors has issued some challenges but should be in stock now

Mark T. – Please keep us posted on this like this so we can work it out with the new vendors

Jordan F. – positive feedback on new spice racks

Mark T. – Asked if the salad bar at Paresky could incorporate the spices as well.

Gabe W. – Red bean jambalaya very good.

David B. – Noted the menu runs on a cycle and will repeat every four weeks.

David B. – really use the feedback to improve or keep certain items please use the suggestion box on line or cards in the dining halls

Michael R. – Asked for feedback on the new app launched—was success working out a few kings with Russ from web ops

Gabe W. – noted dairy free sandwiches at grab n go seem to quickly go

Jerry B. – we put them out every day—we make up in the allergen room

Jerry B. – Noted new system at Eco Café: set up and prox reader—feedback?

Jordan F. – has heard no complaints

Jerry B. – reduced wait time from 14 seconds to 3. Lines moving faster

Nanase S. – Peanut Free zone at Whitmans’—sneeze guard seems to be too low.

Gayle D. – maybe we can put in a work order to have it retrofitted.

Gabe W. – Student Recipe from home idea would be good to promote

Mark T. – RFH is open and available on-line. We take submissions all the time and test recipes.  Need to build on numbers in order to implement program.  Nice program.  A lot of our recipes we use came from the Recipes from Home Program.

Gayle D. – Asked if there was anything else…nothing noted so the meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Next meeting to take place on October 11th at 6 p.m. at Driscoll