For Parents and Families

Eating a balanced and healthy diet far away from home is a wonderful learning opportunity for college students. We in Williams Dining Services help students meet the challenge by offering a wide variety of nutritious, flavorful meals—locally sourced whenever possible—served in three dining halls and two snack bars, and through a “grab-’n-go” lunch program.

We’re particularly attuned to medical and religious dietary restrictions and able to accommodate nearly any requirement your own student might have, at no extra cost, as part of our standard meal plan. We do so most effectively when we work directly with students themselves, so after you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the services below, please encourage your student to reach out to us. We’re delighted to work with them to make dining at Williams a relaxed, pleasurable, and healthy experience.

Special Meals

Vegetarian, gluten-free, and soy-free vegan options are always available, and we offer Kosher and Halaal options and observe cultural holidays. Learn more about our special meals programs and encourage your student to explore as well.

Food Allergies

We’re particularly aware of, and responsive to, students with food allergies. Our chefs clear and sanitize work zones to create individual plates for each allergic student at each meal. Encourage your student to fill out this food allergies service form and set up a meeting with our Executive Chef.

Eating Smart

Dining services offers students an interactive tool, which allows them to view every menu for every meal on every day, compare selections, and plan a balanced diet. Tell your student to try it out and to learn more about healthy eating at Williams.

Share Recipes from Home!

If you have a great recipe that you would like to see served in our dining halls, it’s time to share. Williams Each year, we choose several recipes to be featured in our “Tastes of Home” night. We are looking for recipes of all kinds and from all cultures, as well as all courses (soups, salads, entrees, sides, desserts, etc.) If your dish is selected, we’ll make sure to share the good news with you. Submit your recipe!