Operation Information

Important Information for Spring 2021:

Dining Services will operate as it did this fall, with a few minor changes.

Both Driscoll and Whitman’s will open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  On Saturday and Sunday, Driscoll will offer breakfast, Lunch and dinner and Whitman’s will offer brunch and dinner.  The hot and cold air screens will remain in place, with pre-packaged meals and snacks for students to grab on the go, including a variety of meal items such as Fruit Cups, Yogurt Cups, Breakfast Sandwiches, Grain Bowls, Pasta Bowls, Deli Sandwiches, Garden Salads (with and without protein) and vegan options, etc.

The Snack Bar, ’82 Grill, and Fresh-N-Go will be mobile ordering only through the GET App. There will be designated pick up locations, using hot and cold air screens to keep food at the proper temperature. Students can check the hot and cold air screens and look for the ticket that has their order number on it to obtain their meals.  

Fresh-n-Go and Lee Snack Bar will all be open for lunch Monday through Friday and open for dinner Saturday and Sunday.

Lee Snack Bar will all be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

The ’82 Grill will be open for lunch Monday through Friday and seven days a week for dinner.

Whitman’s Late-Night will be closed for the semester so that staff members can assist with the served vs. self-serve model in the dining halls.

Mission Park will remain closed for student dining as it has become our production kitchen. This will allow for the new service style, fresh production, and social distancing amongst staff.

All meals will be to go, and there will be no seating in the dining halls. You should anticipate longer lines for meals than this past fall. The reasoning for this is because of the increase in the student population, combined with COVID precautions. Dining staff encourages you to download and use the GET mobile app to pre-order meals at ’82 Grill, Lee Snack Bar, and Fresh-n-Go, if you have not already done so.

Your room has been stocked with a case of water and has a microwave-fridge combination for storing and heating items you bring back from the dining halls.

Upon arrival, students will be allowed to leave their rooms during the quarantine period (the duration of receiving two negative Covid tests) for the purpose of picking up their meals in the dining hall and returning to their room immediately after.  Quarantine meals will not be delivered to student dorms.

Our Mission Production Kitchen will be producing all isolation meals and will provide lunch and dinner meals each day for any student in isolation. There will be one delivery per day; meals will be delivered to a table located near the main foyer of the isolation building.  An email will be sent to notify you of the meal delivery time. Please be sure to pick up your meals as soon as they arrive.

All of our meals will be utilizing halal proteins and labeled with ingredients and allergens.  Students with allergies and/or special dietary needs should consult with Dining Services Nutritionist Allyse Weincek or Dietitian Michelle Juneau for any needs before your arrival at dining.williams.edu so that accommodations can be made. Any general dining questions can also be made through the same email.

Off Campus Students 

If you are a student living off campus for the Spring you are not required to be on a meal plan and can opt out during our drop/add period.

Co-op Students

If you are a student living in Co-op housing for the Spring semester you are required to be on a meal plan.  The plan options are a 21 meal plan or a 14 meal plan. Please note: If kitchenettes reopen later in the semester, the lowest meal plan you will be allowed to drop down to is a 14 meal plan.

Seniors (21)

If you are a graduating senior and have a(n) Eph points balance on your ID we will be refunding your balance to your term bill sometime this Spring. This is a one-time exception due to COVID-19 since our Dining, laundry and vending programs have changed and Eph points are not able to be used on campus at this time.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet far away from home is a wonderful learning opportunity for college students. We in Williams Dining Services help students meet the challenge by offering a wide variety of nutritious, flavorful meals.

We’re particularly attuned to medical and religious dietary restrictions and able to accommodate nearly any requirement your own student might have, at no extra cost, as part of our standard meal plan.


Special Meals

Vegetarian, gluten-free, and soy-free vegan options are always available, and we offer Kosher and Halaal options and observe cultural holidays. Learn more about our special meals programs and encourage your student to explore as well.

Food Allergies

We’re particularly aware of, and responsive to, students with food allergies. Our chefs clear and sanitize work zones to create individual plates for each allergic student at each meal. Encourage your student to fill out this food allergies service form and set up a meeting with our Executive Chef.

Eating Smart

Dining services offers students an interactive tool, which allows them to view every menu for every meal on every day, compare selections, and plan a balanced diet. Tell your student to try it out and to learn more about healthy eating at Williams.