Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Meeting Notes
Paresky 220
April 9, 2019
Start: 6:00pm – Adjourn:  6:35 pm
Notes:  Sharon Marceau

Gayle Donohue                                                                                   Gabe Wexler
Mark Thompson                                                                                 Ben Hearon
Sharon Marceau                                                                                 Franny Dean
Joey McClain                                                                                      Nick Gardner
Charlotte Clark                                                                                   Cris Young
Jerry Byers
Michelle Juneau
Fred Ackley
Chris Moresi
Lisa Champagne
Molly O’Brien

Gabe W. – Welcomed everyone and started the meeting with asking if anyone had anything big to share or report.

Mark T. – Incorporation of Halal beef into the service line at Mission and Driscoll is in place and has been labeled.  Starting next Monday with the addition of chicken at Driscoll and Mission – Paresky will remain the same designated in the area by deli—Bilal has been informed—will take another look this summer when a new director is on board.  Utilizing cost analysis.

Charlotte Cl. – Mission Park events:  Easter Brunch special items; 4/22 Festival of Salmon from the most sustainable fishery in the world exclusively served at Mission Park.

Mark T. – Bob Volpi and I had procured the salmon from an alumnus, Josh Pierson Bob authorized before he retired as a final farewell gift to the students.

Gabe W. – How are you advertising for the event?

Charlotte C. – Electronic boards and online through the dining site.  Also 4/24 is the African Heritage dinner with authentic breads.

Joey M. – Whitmans will also be hosting an Easter Sunday Brunch.

Molly O’. – Busy month, Preview Days, Ice Cream social—Easter dinner—lots of candy; No Impact lunch:  Mission Park will have breakfast, Driscoll, lunch; Paresky Dinner.

Chris M. – spread the word there will be no coffee or soda available at the No Impact lunch

Mark T. – Cris and Morgan helped with the menu planning and the event.

Cris Y. – Have a prototype for the posters to go up within the next week and including in a daily message the announcement of no soda or coffee available during this event.

Cris Y. – We are including communications and daily messages—a map which indicates where the source of food is from and labels.  Bringing in farmers from where the food is sourced from.

Molly O’.—Announced the construction at Driscoll.  Driscoll will close on 5/15 to add an elevator and 3 bathrooms upstairs as well as a new dish room.  Will be losing some space as a result.  Driscoll is planning a theme dinner first week of May featuring Salmon.

Joey Mc. — Paresky is seeking new tables, something other than the current round.

Jerry B. – gave an update on the Gelato program—part for the machine has arrived and will hopefully be fixed this Thursday if all goes as planned…  It is a specialty machine from Italy and a process to get parts and have serviced.  Appreciates student’s patience.  Jerry also gave an update on the mid-day meal program is at current capacity and the Snack Bar is averaging 1 order every 36 seconds for the entire 3 hour period.

Gabe W. – was there any thought to moving the mid-day to another location which could accommodate the capacity?

Jerry B. – Stay tuned.  Working on solutions

Mark T. – Gave an update on Kosher meals—they will be made available at Paresky with new dedicated microwave.

Charlotte C. – Forgot to mention Mission has been operating with no first cook.  They are starting the interview process with the hopes a new chef will be in place by May 1st.

Michelle J. – Looks as though she will be checking many salmon recipes.

Ben H. – Has the Snack Bar considered a pre-ordered meal for the mid-day rush?

Jerry B. – Making a proposal and ideas to management, research and planning are underway.

Franny D. – I have a draft for a poster for committee applications looking for more diverse members of the Food Committee

Ben H. – Read draft, looks good.

Lisa C. – ’82 Grill no longer carries the Joya sodas but is looking into a specialty dri8nk by SweetWater in Poultney VT will be doing a taste test of their maple soda.

Charlotte C. – How are the brussels sprouts as topping on pizza been going?

Lisa C. –Students love them, can’t keep up

Gabe W. – provided feedback from students and they had asked that at the mac n cheese bar to put the bacon on the side instead of mixed in so they can make it customizable and add whatever mix ins.

Gabe W. – then asked for any further questions or comments.  None noted, meeting adjourned 6:35 p.m.

Next meeting to be held on May 7th at 6:15 p.m. in the Mission Park Dennett Room.