Meal Plans

2019-2020 Meal Plans

Meal Plan Requirements:

  • All First-Year students will be assigned the Full Meal Plan and must remain on the Full Meal Plan for the duration of their first year.
  • All resident students living in dormitory housing must participate in the 21- or 14- Meal Plan.
  • Plan 1: Any 21 meals in a week — $7,390 per year This plan permits access to 21 meals per week in any open dining venue and 10 free guest meals each semester.
  • Plan 2: Any 14 meals in a week — $6,278 per year It allows access to any 14 meals per week the owner chooses and 6 free guest meals each semester.
  • GET App for EPH Points purchases:  With GET Funds, students can manage their campus card accounts any time.  Please note that the purchase of points is neither refundable nor transferable, however, will be carried forward from year to year and can be used up to graduation day of senior year.
  • Features include:
  • Secure credit card deposits to their points account
  • Options to bill deposits to student term account
  • Have access to real time account balances
  • Transaction histories

Co-Op and Off Campus Housing Options:

  • Plan 3: Any 5 meals in a week — $2,980 per year This plan allows seniors living in co-op housing, or off campus access to any 5 meals per week that the owner chooses. Holders of this meal plan may purchase additional meals for cash or points.
  • Plan 4: A Block of 50 meals — $904 This option is for off campus or co-op students only to accommodate their need for meals while on campus.

House Entry Dinners and Cookouts are included in Meal Plans.

If you have any questions about any of the Meal Plans, please feel free to contact [email protected]