EPH Points

GET App:

With GET Funds, students can manage their campus card accounts any time.

Features include:

  • Secure credit card deposits to their points account
  • Options to bill deposits to student term account
  • Have access to real-time account balances
  • Transaction histories

EPH Points

EPH Points allow students and faculty/staff to use your ID card to buy food in all dining venues for you or your guests. Students, faculty and staff may add EPH Points to the ID card using the GET App with a credit card or bill to bursar function.  Please note that the purchase of points is neither refundable nor transferable, however, will be carried forward from year to year and can be used up to graduation day of senior year.

EPH Points may also be used in all student laundry facilities on campus. Visit The Campus Clothesline for tips on how to get your clothes clean while saving the environment.

Laundry @ Williams

We listened to your valuable input! Laundry can now be paid for by conveniently adding points on your student term account! Please visit our web site (http://dining.williams.edu/announcements/peoplesoft-meal-plan-changes/) and choose purchase EPH Points to enter your value.

For those that may have cash balances on their ID cards from our prior Cash to Card program, please stop by the Droppers House Office, M-F from 8 -4pm. We will transfer your cash balance into EPH Points.

Also, the Laundryview system will allow you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms through a Web browser. LaundryView was developed in response to requests for greater control over laundry activities. Since many people tend to do their laundry during similar time periods, it results in busy laundry rooms. LaundryView’s mission is to help you save time by providing information about the current state of laundry room equipment wherever you have access to a browser or e-mail messages. You can access Laundryview at http://www.laundryview.com/lvs.php

Your ID Card

You must present your ID Card to enter a dining hall or to use your EPH Points.

If you lose your ID card, report it immediately to Campus Safety & Security (CSS) so that your card can be deactivated. You are responsible for the unauthorized use of your lost or stolen card until you report its loss.

CSS will replace lost or stolen cards for a charge of $15.

How to add EPH Points to your ID card

Please visit our web site for details:  https://dining.williams.edu/get-app/.

In-person by cash or credit card

  • Stop by Droppers House Mon-Fri between 8:30am and 4:30 pm to put EPH Points on your ID card with cash, check, or MasterCard/VISA and Discover.