Meal Plan Changes

Meal Plan Requirements

  • All resident students must participate in the 21- or 14- meal board plan.
  • All First-Year students will be assigned the Full Board Plan and must remain on the Full Board Plan for the duration of their first year.

When can I change my Meal Plan?

  • First semester: September 12-16, 2022
  • Second semester: February 6-10, 2023

How do I change my Meal Plan?

Meal Plan Open Enrollment 2023-2024 Academic Year will be open on 7/1/23.  Enrollment for Meal Plans for the fall semester can be made 7/1/23 through 8/31/23. 

Meal Plan options may be changed through your PeopleSoft account when it’s time.

  • Log in to your Williams PeopleSoft Account
  • Under the Campus Life Folder, select the Dining Services option
  • Choose either purchase points/50 Meal Block, or My Board Plan
  • If you are eligible to change your Board Plan, select the new plan from the drop-down menu

You will receive a confirmation email once your change has been approved. This may take up to 24 hours.

When will my Meal Plan Change take effect?

  • Your meal plan change is retroactive to the beginning of change week
  • Meals eaten in excess of the amount allowed on your new plan will be charged to your term bill

What if I have questions or need help?

If you have any questions about the Board Plans or about the online process for changing your Meal Plan, please contact [email protected] or 413-597-2121.

How do I appeal my Meal Plan?

Meal Plan Appeal Procedure and Application:

Students who have unusual circumstances, (e.g. medical conditions, religious preference) may appeal to the Board Plan Appeals Committee to change their meal plan.  The student must address in a formal letter to the Board Plan Appeals Committee what their unusual circumstance is as part of the appeal process and provide written medical and/or other documentation to support the request.  Please note that medical documentation must be sent under separate cover to the Health Center and religious preferences must be supported by the Chaplain’s Office.

Supporting documentation (from an off-campus Medical Professional) should describe, in detail, the medical condition, time period of treatment, and how eating on campus may impact that condition.  Additionally, a complete listing of the special dietary needs will need to be provided.

The Board Plan Appeals Committee will review all Meal Plan Appeal Requests.  This committee is comprised of staff from Dining Services, the Health Center, and the Disabilities Office.

Once the Meal Plan Appeal Process is complete, students will be notified via their Williams College campus email address.  An official letter will be emailed and placed on file with Dining Services.  All Meal Plan Appeal decisions are final.  The student may submit a new request in the subsequent semester if he/she has new grounds for an appeal.