Summer Board Plan 2020

Transitional Housing Students (students who are approved to remain on campus after May 26th)

Students staying during transition time  (5/26 through 6/1) will need to be on the summer housing list provided by the Office of Student Life for their summer meal plan to start prior to the June 15th summer board plan start date.

Wednesday, June 3-Saturday, June 6th- – All Dining Halls are closed.*
There are no regular dining halls meals at this time.
Lee Snack Bar is open 8 am-4:30 pm.  Cash, Credit Card,  Points and Summer Board Plan accepted.

*Note:  Lee Snack Bar will accept Summer Meal Plans for the week of June 1-5th.

Dining has the following summer meal plans for all students living on campus:

50 Block Plan $582
75 Block Plan $873

$150.00 Points for students here between 2-7 weeks**

**casual door rates apply to this plan ($8.70 breakfast; $12.90 lunch/brunch; $17.90 dinner)

All students living in campus housing during the summer are required to be on a meal plan.  You will automatically be enrolled in the 50 Block Plan or $150 in points depending on the length of stay.  This will be automatically be charged to your term bill.  An option to choose the 75 Block Plan is available by stopping in or calling Droppers House/413-597-2121.  Students staying longer than 7 weeks need to purchase a Block Plan.  If Points is selected, more can be purchased if needed utilizing the GET app.

All graduating seniors and non-Williams participants are required to stop in at Droppers House (Monday -Friday    8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) to make payment and activate meal plans.  Dining accepts cash, check or credit card (MC or VISA).

Summer meals begin with breakfast on Monday, June 15th and end with dinner on Saturday, August 15th.  Students must pay cash or may use points to pay for meals after this date. Transitional housing students are allowed to use any meals they have leftover from the summer for the beginning of the fall semester dining plan. This provides students who bought a meal plan an opportunity to use any remaining already-purchased meals to fill the gap between the end of the summer meal plan and Sept. 9th.

Please note:  Summer Block Meal Plans and Points are non-transferable.

Contact Dining Services x2121 for more information or with questions about the meal plan options, or contact the Office of Student Accounts x4396 with billing questions/issues.