Williams Dining is committed to sustainability — from where we get our food to how we handle our waste.

Dining Halls Partner with Local Food Producers

We’re always looking for ways to provide fresh, nutritious food while making less of an impact on the environment. By purchasing local produce, dairy products, maple syrup, and other locally-produced foodstuffs, we reduce the emissions from trucking long-distance and provide shorter “farm to table” times. In addition, special meals – such as Meatless Mondays, vegan stations and grills, and ethnic-themed meals – focus on eating healthier.

These are some of our local suppliers:

Lean Path

Lean Path: The industry’s first and only automated food waste tracking system; found in hospitals, colleges and universities, restaurants and other food service operations across the U.S and beyond. It’s helped customers cut food waste by as much as 80% and run greener, more sustainable operations. Williams has both pre and post consumer waste tracking programs that weigh daily food waste.

Zilkha Center

The Zilkha Center’s Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program: Explores evolving campus food ways.