Reusable Container Programs

Dining Services offers two Reusable Container Programs: Grab ’n Go bags and Eco Shells.

Grab ’n Go Reusable Bag Program

chicobagThe reusable bag program, a result of collaboration between Dining Services and College Council, provides reusable lunch bags for use at both Grab ’n Go locations: Paresky and the Eco Café.

Each user is provided with a free bag at their initial visit and brings the bag back to use on subsequent visits. A feature added to your ID card identifies you as a participant in the program. You may continue to use the program and your bag throughout your time at Williams.

The initial bag is free of charge thanks to funding from the Great Ideas Campaign, Dining Services, and the Zilkha Center. In the event your bag is lost, an additional bag may be purchased for $2.00. There is no refund for bags at the end of the program.

Reusable Eco Shell Program

eco shellThe Reusable Eco Shell Program works by exchanging a special carabiner for a reusable food tray at any of the three eateries in Paresky Center: Whitmans’, Lee Snack Bar, or the ’82 Grill.

Each participant has a special carabiner that identifies you as a participant in the program. You exchange the caribiner for a reusable Eco Shell to hold your meal. Return the empty Eco Shell to any checker’s station in Paresky, Mission Park, or Driscoll in exchange for a carabiner, or in Paresky for a clean Eco Shell. Used Eco Containers are cleaned and sanitized by dining services staff, then transported back to Paresky for use the next day.

The opt-in cost is $4.00 which may be added to your term bill by signing a chit at Whitmans’. You may continue to use the program at no additional charge throughout your time at Williams. At the end of your senior year, return the caribiner. A worn or broken carabiner may be exchanged for a new one at Droppers House.


Questions? Contact Jerry Byers at [email protected]  or x4820.