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March 3, 2016

During the RFP meeting that you hosted there was discussion that the market basket would be updated w/ the mfg upc codes  added to  the spreadsheet  , to help better identify the products .

Was this ever complimented ? Please accept my apologies if there was a response and I missed it. I did check the web sight and did not located it .
Thanks in advance for your help
The Market Basket has been updated to include UPC information.

In the case of USF private labels that we cant source ie;

Glenview farms
Rykoff sexton
Patuxent farms

I trust a comparable sub would be acceptable?


A comparable item to ones we spec’d if Vendor specific is acceptable.

March 4, 2016

Section 4.10.2

“If more than one acceptable brands is being bid on, please specify the brand” under supplies
for example:
Cups Hot IP Ecotainer 12 oz is listed as the item but the revised list  now has World centric as the brand 
Can we  bid the Ecotainer  product?
Another example under bakery:
First list cake mixes were gold metal, the revised list is now Komplete/ Abel will you accept an alternate brand  example :
Chocolate cake mix  Dawn foods 50 # pack


The paper products all have to be either a #7 or a #0 in order to comply with the Town of Williamstown new rules. If the Ecotainer that is referenced falls in with this compliance, yes it is acceptable. ​
​The cake mix any alternative you feel is comparable is ​okay to bid on.
March 21, 2016:

If we do bid an alternate brand or pack size do you want us to just change that info on the line in the rfp or make a new line? Also, if we offer an option should we just add a line into the market basket and add that info?


If the distributor needs to change an item pack size or brand they should do so in a separate line below in the empty spaces provided. Also please make a note what it is substituting from the market basket list.
Can you tell me the size of the breakfast sausage patty?
1.5 oz
March 22, 2016
Market Basket A Meat 1 – there are 2 beef items listed (eye round & flank steak) – are these choice or no roll?  
March 25, 2016
Can you please tell me if the 4oz burgers and the 5oz & 6oz chicken breast are fresh or frozen?
All fresh.