Winter Study Rebate Form

Winter Study 2023 begins on Tues, Jan. 3 and ends on Thurs, Jan. 26

How Winter Study Rebates work

  • The first part of Winter Study occurs during fall board (Jan 3-14).
  • The last part of Winter Study occurs during spring board (Jan 15-26).
  • Students who will be off-campus as an official part of a project for a period of at least 10 consecutive calendar days during the semester(s) that they have a board plan are entitled to a rebate.
  • Rebates will be calculated on a per day basis as follows:
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    • $16.17 for full board plan
    • $13.73 for 14 meal plan
    • $ 6.52 for 5 meal plan
  • Winter Study Rebates are given at the end of February/beginning of March
  • Students may choose to have their rebate as a term account credit or points added to their ID card. Points are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Students who choose a term account credit may request a check for any resulting credit balance on their term account by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services after the credit balance appears on their statement.
  • Students who have questions about how a rebate may affect their financial aid package should contact the Office of Student Financial Services directly.

Filling out this form

  • DEADLINE: noon on Friday, Dec. 16
  • Dining Services will verify this information with your faculty sponsor.
  • Remember to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

Note:  The Winter Study Rebate Form is no longer available because the deadline has passed.