Winter Study

Winter Study 2024 begins on Wednesday, Jan. 3 and ends on Friday, Jan. 26

How Winter Study Rebates work

  • The first part of Winter Study occurs during fall board (Jan 3-13).
  • The last part of Winter Study occurs during spring board (Jan 14-26).
  • Students who will be off-campus as an official part of a project for a period of at least 10 consecutive calendar days during the semester(s) that they have a board plan are entitled to a rebate. To apply for a rebate students need to complete and electronically submit the Winter Study Rebate Form by noon on Friday, December 15, 2023.  Dining Services will verify information with the student’s faculty sponsor.
  • Rebates will be calculated on a per day basis as follows:

    • $17.09 for full board plan
    • $14.52 for 14 meal plan
    • $ 6.89 for 5 meal plan
  • Winter Study Rebates are given at the end of February/beginning of March
  • Students may choose to have their rebate as a term account credit or points added to their ID card. Points are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Students who choose a term account credit may request a check for any resulting credit balance on their term account by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services after the credit balance appears on their statement.
  • Students who have questions about how a rebate may affect their financial aid package should contact the Office of Student Financial Services directly.

Filling out this form

  • DEADLINE: noon on Friday, Dec. 15
  • Dining Services will verify this information with your faculty sponsor.
  • Remember to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

Note:  The Winter Study Rebate Form is no longer available because the deadline has passed.

Fall Study Away Students

Once your fall study away status is confirmed, campus registration systems automatically turn off your fall meal plan in order to prevent a full semester board charge from occurring on your fall term bill.  Your fall board hiatus requires that you select a returning meal plan by completing our Returning from Study Away Meal Plan Enrollment Form by November 24, 2023.  You may select the same meal plan that you were on before or a different plan, as  long as you’ll meet the eligibility requirements for that plan when you return.  You may find more detailed information on meal plans and eligibility requirements on our Meal Plans page.

It’s important to note that Winter Study is not a separate term for board; the first part of it (Jan 3-13, 2024) is part of fall board and the last part of it (Jan 14-26, 2024) is part of spring board.  If you’ll be returning to campus before spring board begins on January 14, 2024, we’ll pro-rate your fall board charges by multiplying the daily rate for the plan you choose by the number of days that you’re here.  50 Meal Blocks will be charged at full cost of $868.

2023-2024 Daily Board Rates

  • 21 Meal Plan $34.19
  • 14 Meal Plan $29.04
  •  5  Meal Plan $13.79

Your returning meal plan will automatically transfer to spring on January 14, 2024, for which you’ll receive a full spring semester board charge.

If you’ll arrive after spring board begins on January 14, 2024, then you’ll receive no pro-rated fall board charges and a full spring semester board charge.

If you wish to change your returning meal plan selection after you submit the form or arrive on campus, you may do so during spring change week (February 5-9, 2024).

Note:  The Returning from Fall Study Away Form is no longer available because the deadline has passed.

Spring Study Away Students

Your fall board plan will be left on until your scheduled departure date.  You’ll be charged a fall semester board charge and also for the meals you eat during spring board (Jan 14, 2024-departure date).  If you have paid for a fall board plan and are departing for spring study away before Jan 14, 2024 then you should complete a Winter Study Rebate Form.

Academic Year Study Away Students

After you’re accepted into your study away program, our systems automatically turn off your fall and spring board plan in order to prevent board charges from occurring on your term bill.  You may select your fall 2024 board plan in your PeopleSoft account during open enrollment,  which will begin on July 1, 2024.  You may change your selection as many times as you wish before open enrollment ends on August 29, 2024.


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