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Williams Dining Services

We are a full-service dining operation that serves the entire campus community including students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and campus guests.  We operate two dining halls, plus Whitmans’, Lee Snack Bar, Fresh ‘n Go, ’82 Grill, Faculty House/Alumni Center, Williams Catering, dining services for the Center for Development Economics, and the Eco Café.

Our dining mission is to provide our students with a community environment that delivers a nutritious, fresh, diverse, and sustainable dining experience.  We operate with three core values:  freshness, sustainability, and education (DEI).  Our vision is to leverage innovation and technology to develop a community-based experience providing our students, faculty, and staff with the healthiest, freshest, most diverse, and most sustainable dining program possible.

Our department has more than 100 employees, all of whom are dedicated to preparing and serving healthy, nutritious, flavorful meals — rain, snow, or shine.  Our outstanding customer-friendly service is a point of pride for everyone in the department.  We purchase only the finest ingredients from nationally branded and reputable suppliers.  We are committed to buying local, fresh food whenever possible.


Microfridge assistance:  problems with your microwave, refrigerator, or missing/broken part?

For Assistance, please visit: fmsystems.williams.edu

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  • COVD-19 Notice

    COVD-19 Notice:
    Dining Services Administrative Offices are closed to visitors.  If you have questions or concerns, please call 413-597-2121 and leave a message, or email:  [email protected] and we will get back to you.
    Please note all vendors must report to security and have prior approval to be on campus.
    All mail and deliveries need to go through the mailroom, located at Paresky.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Be well.
    Dining Administration
  • ECO-Takeout Containers

    Dining Services will be providing ECO-Takeout containers in all of our units for the Fall Semester.

    Collection containers have been placed in each dorm and outside of our dining halls for easy access.

    Please be sure to return the containers in a timely fashion so they can be washed, sanitized and returned to service!  Thank you.

  • Student Dining Service Calendar 2021

    Student Dining Service Calendar, 2021

    Please go to Hours and Venues for updated service information.

    Menus and additional dining information will be updated online regularly to reflect any changes. Please visit our website:

    https://dining.williams.edu/   and  https://dining.williams.edu/eats4ephs/


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