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Dining With Pride

Dining Services is a full-service dining operation for the entire campus community — students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and campus guests. We operate three dining halls, two snack bars, and a grab ’n go lunch program in addition to the Faculty House/Alumni Center, a catering operation, vending, and the college mail room. Each of our operations has its own unique style, but a commitment to “Dining with Pride” is shared across our entire department.

Only the Best

Our 100+ employees are dedicated to preparing and serving healthy, nutritious, flavorful meals — rain, snow, or shine. Our outstanding customer service is a point of pride for everyone in the department. We purchase only the finest ingredients from nationally branded and reputable suppliers. We are also committed to buying local, fresh food whenever possible, and are members of Berkshire Grown, an organization which promotes sustainable agriculture.

Meeting Your Needs

We offer a flexible system of Meal Plans. The Full Meal Plan allows 10 guest meals each semester, and if you miss dinner, the Full Meal Plan allows you to use your meal credit Late Night in Whitmans’ and the ’82 Grill.  The 14-meal plan allows you to take any 14 of the 21 meals offered and 6 guest meals each semester. There is also a 10-meal plan, a 5-meal plan for seniors, and a 50-meal block plan for off-campus & co-op students. All students on Meal Plans may participate in special events such as the annual Harvest Dinner and the Recipe from Home contest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the department at 597-2121, or visit our administrative offices in Droppers House at 15 Park Street.

After Friday, May 26, 2017 you will no longer be able to charge points purchases to your term bill.  If you need points, please go to the Dining Services Office at Droppers House to purchase them with a check, cash or credit card (MC or Visa.) Be aware that your points will expire on Commencement Day, Sunday, June 4, 2017.  If you have any questions give us a call at ext. 2121.
Students, staff and faculty please see service calendar below for special events and operational changes

To view dining menus online please see Ephs 4 Eats on our homepage.



Recipes From Home:
If you have a great recipe that you would like to see served in our dining halls, it’s time to share. Each year, we choose several recipes to be featured in our “Recipes From  Home” night. We are looking for recipes of all kinds and from all cultures, as well as all courses (soups, salads, entrees, sides, desserts, etc.) If your dish is selected, we’ll make sure to share the good news with you.

Submit your recipe!  

See Winning Recipes For 2017




  • Suggestion Box

    Your comments are appreciated and help to make our program stronger. Thank you for your feedback.

Upcoming Events

  • Service Calendar

    Please note that this service calendar is subject to change.
    Note: Summer Meal Plan starts June 12
    May 23-25 Tues-Thurs Dead Week
    Driscoll reopens for Breakfast 7:30am-10am, Lunch 11am-1pm and Dinner 5pm-7pm
    (for seniors and additional plans).

    May 23 – Tuesday Last meal of spring board ends after breakfast.

    Mission Park is open 7:30am-10am. Closes after Breakfast
    Driscoll is open for Breakfast 7:30am-10am,
    Lunch 11am-1pm and Dinner 5pm-7pm

    Snack Bar is closed.

    Whitmans is closed


    May 24 – Wed

    Whitmans is closed.  Mission Park Closed
    Lee Snack Bar is closed
    Driscoll Open for Breakfast 7:30am – 10am,
    Lunch 11am-1pm, Dinner 5pm-7pm



    May 25 – Thurs  Whitmans, Snack Bar , Faculty Club, JRC & Kellogg closed for hood cleaning.
    Mission Park Closed
    Driscoll Open for Breakfast 7:30am – 10am,
    Lunch 11am-1pm, Dinner 5pm-7pm

    May 26 – Friday Whitman’s Open for Breakfast,  (7:30am-10am) Lunch  (11am-1pm) Dinner  (5-7pm)
    (for seniors and additional plans)
    Mission Park Closed
    Lee Snack Bar is closed for service.

    Ramadan in 2017 will start on Saturday, the 27th of May and will continue for 30 days until Sunday, the 25th of June



    May 27-June 2 Sat-Fri Whitman’s Servery is open for Brunch 35(11am-1pm) Dinner 37 (5-7pm) (for seniors and additional plans)
    Driscoll Closed for service
    Mission Park Closed for service

    May 28 – Sun Whitman’s Open for Brunch 57 (11am-1pm) and Dinner 108 (5pm-7pm)
    Lee Snack Bar Closed
    May 29 – Mon Memorial Day,Note:

    May 30- June 3 Tues-Sat Senior Week



    Seniors that did not participate in a meal plan, that used cash or points, will be charged a cash fee at the door – Guests will need to pay at the door too.



    May 29 – Mon Whitmans Open Brunch (11am-1pm), Dinner (5pm-7pm)

    Lee Snack Bar is open for service 8am-5pm
    May 30– Tues Whitmans Open Brunch, (11am-1pm), Dinner (5pm-7pm)

    Lee Snack Bar is Open for service 8am-5pm

    May 31 – Wed Lee Snack Bar is Open for service 8am-5pm

    May 31 – – Wed Senior Dinner Dance, Mount Hope Mansion
    Whitman Open for Brunch (11am-1pm), Closed for Dinner.
    82 Grill is open for Alternate Dinner (5pm-7pm) for students who do not go to the Senior Dinner dance. Closed for late night.

    Lee Snack Bar is open for service 8am-5pm
    Senior Week Continued
    June 1 – Thurs Lee Snack Bar is closed.
    June 1-4 Thurs-Sun Trustees Weekend

    June 1 – Thurs Senior Champagne Brunch at Mount Hope

    Whitmans is open for Alternative Brunch (11am – 1pm) for students who will not attend champagne brunch.

    Whitmans open for Dinner (5pm-7pm)

    Lee Snack Bar is open for service 8am-5pm

    82 Grill is closed.
    Leukemeyer Lounge is closed.


    June 2 – Fri Whitmans is Closed. Continental breakfast will be served under the tent for seniors.
    Lee Snack Bar is open 8am-5pm
    82 Grill is open for breakfast 7:30am-9:30am, lunch 11:30am-1:30pm and dinner 5pm-7pm
    June 3– Sat Lee Snack Bar is open 8am-5pm.

    82 Grill is open for breakfast 7:30am-9:30am, lunch 11:30am-1:30pm and dinner 5pm-7pm
    Whitmans is closed.
    Class Day, Baccalaureate Service
    June 4 – Sunday Graduation Day! Sawyer Lawn

    Lee Snack Bar in Paresky Student Center will open for breakfast, cash service from 8am until 10am. Closed for lunch.

    President’s Reception (Post-Commencement)will be at Chapin Lawn in front of Paresky under the tent, 12 noontime until 1:30pm for everyone.  Seating will be provided.

  • Late Night Operations, Last Call for Food Orders

    Late Night Operations Policy: please plan accordingly the following times:
    82 Grill and Whitmans.  The  service cut-off time is 1am AT THE REGISTER.
    Lee Snack Bar on Friday and Saturday Nights.The service cut-off time is 2am AT THE REGISTER.


    New Hours for Whitman Late Night Snack Bar – now opens for service at 9pm.

    As usual, 82 Grill and Lee Snack Bar open at 8:30pm.  New! Make Your Own Pasta Dish at 82 Grill.   Includes soup or salad and bread slices.