Student Food Committee Meeting Notes

Student Food Committee Meeting Notes
March 5, 2019
Start:  6:06 p.m. – Adjourned 6:35 p.m.
Notes:  Sharon Marceau


Mark Thompson                                                        Gabe Wexler
Gayle Donohue                                                          Fran Dean|
Sharon Marceau                                                        Christian Lockwood
Fred Ackley                                                                Ben Hearon
Molly O’Brien                                                            Grace Chamberlain
Chris Moresi
Joey McClain
Lisa Champagne
Michelle Juneau

Gabe W. – started the meeting with welcoming remarks and announced Mardi Gras and asked if there any big things or announcements anyone would like to make?  None noted so started the meeting with round-table discussion.

Grace C. – The Lunch and Learn tabling with Michelle provided good feedback with the TrainWise program and the themed Moroccan dinner at Mission was a big hit.

Ben H. – Good feedback with the Mission dinner but curious to where the huge turkey legs were from

Fred A. – Molly O’s suggestion from a previous use for a carnivore night at Driscoll.

Gayle D. – Did they taste okay?

Fred A. – they were a smoked turkey leg.

Christian L. – they were a big hit at Whitmans’

Fran D. – The search for more diverse members of the Food Committee is something we should start thinking about for April when submissions take place.

Joey M. – Perhaps we could host a dinner and table with Food Committee members in a food fancy way and host at a dining hall.

Gabe W. – two ideas would be to email to MinCo and posters at the check in stations.

Ben H. – Just a shout out to Mission with a big thank you for the Moroccan night—a highlight for sure.

Mark T. – The lamb and Chicken were great Dave Berge for credit.  Dave will be retiring after 35 years on 3/20, let’s give him a big thank you.

Gabe W. – Yes, thank you and congratulations from all of us. Getting back to the TrainWise at Driscoll, it’s also geared not only toward athletes but those folks who want to eat healthy.

Michelle J. – Have we seen an increase in participation?

Chris M. – Definitely increasing.

Molly O’. – have noticed more

Michelle J. – it is a healthy option for everyone

Gabe W. – with time, I’m sure the numbers will increase even more.

Molly O. – it has also helped shorten lines

Grace C. – currently it is word of mouth with students

Fran D. – there is a flyer in the upper gym

Christian L. – by word of mouth, the non-athletes are enjoying as well.

Grace C. – the smoothie is a big draw

Chris M. – using up to 15 gallons

Gabe W. – provided a brief update on the search committee for a new director—on campus visits are scheduled for April—candidates will be meeting with dining and other folks from across campus.

Gabe W. – can provide questions from staff if they cannot attend a session

Gabe W. – asked for any questions or announcements?

Joey M. – Mentioned the congestion in Whitmans’ server and looking for ways to speed up lines and moving items and menu changes to free up the flow

Gabe W. – asked if they have asked for feedback with ideas

Grace C. – mentioned a in and out and opening up the other set of doors

Fred A. – mentioned there were no specific complaints from students.  They find a way to socialize while waiting in line.

Gabe W. – noted even a 10% reduction in wait time would be appreciated.

Molly O’. – announced a fundraiser Driscoll is participating in with the North Adams Public Elementary School to help with the purchase of books and that the Recipes from Home will be on Thursday.

Gayle D. – announced the celebration of Eph Williams birthday 307 and celebrating with cake.

Lisa C. – Announced a new Brussels sprout topping for the ’82 Grill as well as they will try hummus for the salads and Whitmans Late Night will special a smoothie.

Christian L. – Inquired about the proposed burrito station?

Lisa C. – was not able to staff the station but will fill in with other specials

Gabe W. – asked how the dining social media experience was going.  Seemed to be well.

Fred A. – asked which was better Instagram vs. Facebook?

Molly O. – this is the first year they had social media at Driscoll.

Ben H. – inquired about the stocking of Nutella in the dining halls?

Gayle D. – after spring break.

Mark T. – announced the Recipes From Home—will be utilizing most recipes in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and will be labeled on the line

Mark T. –working on an Earth Week ideas before Spring Break and will be getting a shipment of salmon from Alaska and will be incorporated into the menu

Gabe W. – asked for any further comments/questions/ideas.  None noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9th in Paresky 220.